Access Northern Ireland Checks have gone online

May 22nd, 2015 by Jonathan Bazely

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Access Northern Ireland checks now done online

Access Northern Ireland (AccessNI) have recently made a change to the process that applicants will be required to complete, as part of a criminal record check. Each applicant will be required to create an online AccessNI account through their website to proceed with a check:

Applying for an Enhanced level check – AccessNI website

Applying for a Standard level check – AccessNI website

Unfortunately paper applications can no longer be submitted directly to AccessNI meaning that each applicant will need to complete the new online process.

DDC Clients

For DDC clients that currently use our services to obtain AccessNI checks the process will not change a great deal, however there will be some key changes to how applicants complete the process and DDC verify the ID documents. DDC will work with the applicant to complete the check and a brief outline of the application process is detailed below:

Step 1 – the Client will request checks in the same way that they currently do through the online Client Area.

Step 2 – DDC will send a pack to the applicant providing guidance on how to create an AccessNI online account and complete the online form. Applicants will then be instructed to enter certain details that identify DDC as the Registered Body who will be countersigning the application, which we will have provided.

Step 3 – The applicant will be provided with a personal reference number by AccessNI, which they will write on their ‘PIN Notification and ID Validation’ form which will be returned to DDC with the required ID documents.

Step 4 – DDC will carry out the additional checks and submit the application to AccessNI.

Step 5 – AccessNI  will process the checks and issue a Certificate as they currently do.

If you have any further questions on this please do not hesitate to contact the DDC team.

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