Changes to DBS Certificates – 31st May 2015

May 27th, 2015 by Jonathan Bazely

Update Service from the DBS

DBS Fee to be displayed on Certificates

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)  have announced that the Certificates they issue will change from the 31st May 2015 . This is a relatively minor change to include whether the DBS fee was paid when the application was submitted. Applications for volunteer positions, meeting the DBS’s strict definition of a volunteer do not incur a DBS fee, however they may incur an administration fee from the Umbrella Body processing the application. The Certificate will not include any information on any administration charges made by an Umbrella Body. For a full lists of costs for applications processed by Due Diligence Checking Limited please see our DBS Costs & Prices page.

What this means for applicants:

From the 31st May 2015 any Certificate issued by the DBS will include additional information, either:

No DBS Fee Charged or DBS Fee Charged

This will make it easier for applicants with multiple Certificates, at different levels to identify if they can potentially re-use their Certificate (subject to new employers choosing to accept it). Certificates issued before the 31st May 2015 will not show this information and applicants are unable to obtain a reprint of the DBS Certificate unless the DBS have made an error on the Certificate.

What this means for employers:

For employers who make the decision to accept DBS Certificates obtained from another employer, they can check under what circumstances the previous Certificate was applied i.e. same level, workforce, barring lists and now volunteer status. If the employer is also accepting Certificates on the Update Service this will also allow the employer to comply with DBS requirements on running  Update Service Checks.

If an applicant has any queries with a Certificate they should be directed to the Umbrella Body that countersigned the application (as shown on the Certificate).


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