Changes to the DBS Update Service

June 30th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

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Changes to the DBS Update Service – On Monday 30th June 2014, the DBS announced that service users now have an additional 5 days in which they can register and pay for the DBS update service. Previously, applicants who had received a DBS Certificate had 14 days from the issue date to register for the DBS Update service. This announcement means that applicants now have a total of 19 calender days in which to register. These changes have been introduced in response to feedback from those already choosing to use the service.

Changes to the DBS Update Service

Under the previous system, applicants had 14 days from the issue date of the Certificate, to join the Update Service and pay any applicable fees. Comments from those wishing to use the service, but missed the opportunity, confirm that this period is not long enough to allow the applicant to receive their Certificate and complete the process via the DBS website. The increase to 19 days is intended to alleviate this problem.

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