DDC to go live on 16th August 2021: DBS Amended Document Guidance

August 6th, 2021 by Jake Waddingham

Right to Work Documents

DDC will be going live with the new DBS identity guidelines on Monday 16th August 2021.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has announced up-coming changes to the identity guidance to reflect the changes to Right to Work legislation and as a result of Brexit. The change to the guidance will be implemented from 1st July 2021, and all organisations have until the 1st October to fully implement the changes. After this date, an organisation would not be able to submit an application under the old identity checking guidelines. The main changes to the guidance include:

  • All reference to EEA in the UK national route has been removed
  • Amendments to the primary documents for the international route
  • You must do a separate check to make sure a job applicant is allowed to work in the UK

In the new identity checking guidance, particular emphasis has been placed on the importance of completing a separate Right to Work check. DDC’s new and improved Right to Work check might be of interest if you require support with your Right to Work checks. The temporary changes that were made to the identity guidance for Covid are not affected by this and you can continue to use these.

What will DDC be doing in response to the changes?

On Monday 16th August 2021, we will be updating the system and all documentation to reflect the updated guidance. This will ensure that all applicants nominate the correct combination of documents when completing their DBS check. This does mean that any clients who use the current DBS document checking process for their own right to work check requirements may need to run additional checks. For any clients taking the right to work checking service the two services will still run alongside each other and ensure compliant documents are nominated, checked and recorded for your ‘statutory excuse’.

DDC’s DBS identity checking tool

We have an advanced ID checking tool built into the online system. The identity checking tool will be updated to reflect the recent changes to ensure you are compliant with the most up to date guidance. The identity checking tool benefits from:

  • Guiding the applicant through nominating compliant identity documents
  • Speeds up the document checking process
  • No prior knowledge or experience of the DBS policies and procedures needed
  • Cross reference of form information against identity document data
  • No requirement to scan or upload documents

What are the benefits of online DBS checks?

There are many benefits of using an online DBS system that will save you time and improve your applicants onboarding experience. Your applicants will no longer complete tedious paper forms and will be guided through an interactive online ‘Smart Form’.

Online ‘Smart Form’ – built-in cross referencing and error checking systems ensure accuracy with every check. Our ‘Smart Form’ only allows the applicant to proceed when all the information is entered correctly, including five years of address history.

Status updates – track applications through the entire process whilst we do all the work. Using an online system, you will see the applications progress through the processes, including when they have been submitted to the DBS or when your applicants have not completed their form. We will even remind your applicants to complete it.

Electronic results – save time chasing clear disclosure certificates with online results. Once an application has been issued by the DBS, we will notify you of the result without the need of waiting for the paper certificate to be posted to the applicant. We will tell you about applications with conviction information too, so you only have to see those certificates.

Recheck reminder – we have a bespoke re-check reminder meaning you will no longer have to keep records on spreadsheets when applicants completed their DBS check. The reminder can be set to match your internal policy and will send a notification when an applicant is due to have their DBS check renewed.

Speak with our DBS checking experts if you have any questions. We are happy to talk you through the identity checking changes or provide a demo of the online system.


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