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June 3rd, 2021 by Jake Waddingham

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As we approach the second half of the year, we take a look at some of the updates and changes with DBS checks, including some useful information about the process. In this news update we cover:

  • Changes to the enhanced DBS process
  • Relaxed document checking guidelines
  • Digital Identity
  • International criminal record checks

Changes to the enhanced DBS check application process

The DBS are implementing a new change from 31 May 2021 to the enhanced DBS check application process. The change relates to amending personal information on the application form once it has been submitted to the DBS. As of 31 May 2021, the DBS will no longer amend the following sections on an application:

  • Names, both current and previous
  • Current address
  • Five-year address history

If an application is submitted with incorrect information the DBS will withdraw the application and will not provide a refund. A new application will have to be submitted with the correct data.

What do DDC do to ensure applicants provide full information on a form?

DDC’s online interactive application form ensures that applicants meet the DBS five-year address requirements. The system allows for overlapping addresses and on-screen guidance highlights the need to declare all addresses and the dates of occupancy. We make this as easy as possible with postcode look-up systems and partial address submissions systems. The applicant does not need to know all of the address and they can start to enter information and then select from the matching addresses. Current address information is then matched against documents nominated in support of the application.

What additional checks do DDC undertake?

A fully trained DDC Countersignatory will review each application prior to submission to spot any errors that have already passed the automated testing systems and the data matching process included in the document verification. If the team suspect an error has occurred, they will attempt to contact the applicant directly to seek confirmation.

DBS relaxed document guidelines

The DBS relaxed document checking guidelines remain in place until further notice. The temporary guidelines allow identity checks to be completed with copies of documents in possession, and verified with the applicant over a video link. The original documents must still be checked prior to allowing the person to start their role.  As you may be aware the Right to Work checking process also followed similar guidelines throughout the pandemic. More recently the Home Office announced the temporary guidance for Right to Work checks are to end on 20th June 2021. The DBS have not yet announced a change to guidance.

Digital Identity for DBS checks

As predicted by Jonathan Bazely, Director of DDC, in an article earlier this year – ‘Pre-employment screening in 2021’, the transition to electronic forms of ID is truly underway. The government recently released plans for digital identity through a trust framework. The framework provides a clear set of rules for:

  • making sure products and services are inclusive
  • privacy and data protection
  • fraud management
  • security

Digital identities will change the way we all prove our identity in the future including when we open a bank account, buying a house or getting a DBS check. Digital identity will have many benefits including:

  • saving organisations time and money
  • reducing the risk of fraud to organisations and users
  • easier and quicker for users to complete
  • reducing the risk of errors that come from managing data manually

We have been in correspondence with the DBS and Home Office to hear their vision of digital identity and provided feedback to support the transition. As always, we are keen to implement the latest technology that benefits our clients, and securely speeds up any part of the process. As more information is released about digital identity and the DBS document checking process, we’ll let you know.

International criminal record checks

Did you know we now offer an international criminal record checking service? DDC can provide checks in over 190 jurisdictions with the type, level and information provided varying from country to country. Our international service is designed for organisations onboarding international talent to provide a complete background on the individual’s criminal history. We can even support you with identifying applicants who have lived or worked overseas.   If you have any further questions or would like more information about any of the topics above, speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Team on

0116 260 3055 | 0845 644 3298



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