DBS News Apr / May 2014

April 29th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

DDC News

DBS Transition to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) have announced that it is now a month since the movement to TCS as the DBS’s delivery partner. Whilst there have been some teething issues with the handover, the DBS have confirmed that they are working hard to overcome these issues and resume their normal service.

Delays at the DBS

In this months Newsletter, the DBS have confirmed that there was an issue with the delivery of the postal mail to their Liverpool offices, resulting in a backlog of paper applications. This backlog is now being processed and normal postal systems have been resumed. This has not affected the posting of Disclosure Certificates to applicants, but has resulted in delays for any paper applications submitted to the DBS. The good news is that as an eBulk user DDC submit 99.7% of application online, so this has not caused our Clients any delays.

Reducing e-Bulk disputes

The DBS are reporting that there has been an increase in the number of disputes from applicants applying via eBulk. This can result in incorrect personal information displaying on the Certificate, delays in the process or incomplete checks being run by the DBS. It is vital that information entered on to the form is checked prior to submission to the DBS. As part of the service that DDC offer we have some in-built facilities to ensure correct information is sent to the DBS:

  • In-cell validation for online application forms
  • Post-code look-up function for all addresses entered to help avoid mistakes
  • Basic data checks to ensure the form information is sufficient to allow submission (e.g. full 5 year address history)
  • Error checking systems to highlight any errors, omissions or invalid data which is highlighted to the applicant before form submission
  • Verified data using the documents nominated with the application e.g name on the form matches the name on the ID document.
  • DDC Countersignatories review the information entered prior to submission to the DBS.

‘Care of’ addresses for overseas applicants

In this months Newsletter, the DBS have confirmed that applicants can choose to have their Certificate sent to a ‘care of’ address in the UK if they are applying form overseas. This can be useful where the Certificate is unlikely to be received at the foreign home address or the applicant will shortly be arriving in the UK. Any applicant wishing to enter a care-of address should contact a DDC Agent directly to confirm this request. We will also ask applicants to email us this request from the email address where their log-in details were sent, or include a signed letter for paper applications.

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