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February 26th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

DDC News

Disclosure Service availability

In the previous DBS News Roundup, we confirmed that the DBS will be going through an upgrade process in March 2014 as they move towards their new IT systems with Tata Consultancy Services. More details are now available relating to the services that will stop in this brief transition period, and those that will be reduced. As a Service Provider DDC Ltd will endeavour to minimise the impact of this proposed ‘down time’.

 DBS Customer Services Enquiries

The DBS Customer Services Team have produced a list of the top 5 enquiries that they receive, detailing how a majority of these questions are answered on their website. As a Registered Umbrella Body for the DBS, we work closely with them and have attempted to answer many of these questions within our own FAQ section. To assist we have links to these common questions and answers below:

  1. The general application process – to find out how DDC Ltd operate and some of the work that we undertake for our Clients you can click here.
  2. Questions about eligibility – for more guidance about this topic, such as risk assessment processes and evaluating the job role on offer please click here.
  3. Enquiries about the Update Service – The Update Service is an applicant led service. Where DDC Ltd are provided with a personal email address we will email applicants to confirm that their Disclosure has been issued, with a link to the DBS website where they can join the Update Service directly. For employers wishing to review the use of the Update Service we have provided some guidance on the Update Service webpage.
  4. Checking on the progress of an application – we recently released a News Article detailing the work that DDC undertake to expedite the return of an application and how an applicant can track this themselves. Click here to see this Article.
  5. Overseas Applicants – Employers can ask their applicants from outside the UK to get a criminal records check or ‘Certificate of Good Character’ from their country of origin. These are not thesame as a DBS check however we have provided more information on the topic of VISA applications within our FAQ page, which may be of assistance. Also the www.gov.uk. website can provide more information.

Update Service

The DBS have revealed that they have now received 100.000 applications to join the Update Service, since it was released in June 2013. If you would like more information on how to introduce the Update Service into your organisation and some of the factors that can be included in the decision making process please click here.


To see the full version of the DBS News please click here.


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