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January 31st, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

DDC News

Disclosure Service availability

The DBS have given advanced notice that their systems will be going through an upgrade process in March 2014 as they move towards their new IT systems with Tata Consultancy Services – a new service delivery partner. The Update Service, Online Tracking and DBSAF (formerly ISAAF or POVA First) checks will be unavailable around the middle of March. The DBS Customer Services Team will only be able to deal with general enquiries at this time, and will not be able to discuss specific applications for DBS Checks.

As a Service Provider DDC Ltd will endeavour to minimise the impact of this proposed ‘down time’ once the exact time scales and effects have been publicised.

Registered Body details

The DBS are currently undertaking an audit process to confirm the details that they hold for any Registered Bodies. This will only affect any Registered Bodies that have moved to become a Client of DDC Ltd after failing to undertake the minimum number of checks, or by choosing to take advantage of the benefits of using a top 10 Commercial Umbrella Body for processing DBS checks. The DBS will shortly write to the Lead Countersignatory of each organisation asking them to confirm the number of active Countersignatories on that account.

Update Service  – Getting the message

The DBS have now produced a hand-out that can be provided to applicants who wish to learn about or join the Update Service. For eBulk users, and those submitting applications to DDC online, the handout may be a little confusing, as some of the guidance does not apply. As an eBulk user, DDC Ltd do not use the unique F numbers (i.e. those found on paper application forms), but are provided with a unique E number by the DBS,  once they have received and accepted an individual application. The Requester has access to the E number, which can be found in the Client Area, and for more guidance please read the News Article available in the Client Area.

Where DDC Ltd have been provided with an email address we will send an email to applicants confirming when their Disclosure has been issued. Within this email will be a link to further information about the Update Service

For a full copy of the DBS News please click here.

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