DBS News June 2018

June 25th, 2018 by Jonathan Bazely

DBS receive award at UK Customer Satisfaction Awards ceremony

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) were recently crowned the ‘InMoment Customer Commitment Award’ winners at the 2018 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards ceremony. This award is run by The Institute of Customer Service and was created to showcase organisations who place customer service at the centre of their core strategy.

Tackling fraud

The DBS have been working closely with the SAFERjobs to protect people from fraud as part of the pre-employment/recruitment process. This cooperation has arisen due to an increased volume of people being targeted by fraudsters asking applicants to pay in advance for their DBS Certificates which have never arrived. SAFERjobs is a not-for-profit organisation set-up by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to raise awareness and combat criminal activities. If an individual wishes to raise a concern or obtain more information about their role please got to www.safer-jobs.com

A new Registered Body network

A new trade body was recently formed as an independent group representing criminal record check professionals. This group is called the Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB), and will form as a committee within the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). The aims of this group will include:

  • To encourage the adoption of enhanced identity verification processes
  • To support the UK’s safeguarding agenda
  • To contribute and comment on development of policy and legislation
  • To support candidates and users to understand eligibility of checks, and highlight the work of SAFERjobs in preventing employment scams
  • To promote best practice and awareness of overseas criminal record checks

Top ten application errors

Since January 2018 there have 34,614 errors on disclosure applications submitted. Staff at the DBS have collated the top ten application errors and are asking all Registered Bodies to double check their forms, to reduce this number. The DDC online system reduces these errors with a series of checks built into the form and online document verification systems. As an electronic Registered Body (eRB) applications are submitted electronically removing a lot of the errors associated with paper application. To read more about the DDC online DBS application system please follow the link. As part of the service to all clients a fully trained DDC Countersignatory will review each application prior to electronic submission to the DBS, to spot any error that has already passed two levels of automated checks, plus document checking processes.

  1. Five year address history
  2. Workforce entered
  3. Date of application signature
  4. Date of countersignature
  5. Other forename(s) not filled in correctly
  6. Is this application for a free of charge volunteer?
  7. Has the evidence checker established the applicant’s identity and verified the information?
  8. Countersignatory number
  9. Nationality
  10. Date to and from


This information has been taken from the DBS News Edition Two