DBS News Mar/Apr 2017

April 15th, 2017 by Jonathan Bazely

DDC News

DBS news for March/April summarised and how the issues may affect you.

Barring Police Liaison

The DBS ‘Barring Police Liaison Team’ works to identify individuals who have committed a crime. They collect evidence in conjunction with the DBS ‘Fraud Team’ to share with the police. This evidence is key to enabling the police to investigate and prosecute individuals. This information is used for:

  • police investigations into criminal offences against children or vulnerable adults
  • breaches of bar offences, where a barred individual has attempted to work in regulated activity from which they are barred
  • DBS related offences such as forged letters or replicated certificates

This team reports over 100 cases to the police each year. The rate of successful convictions has been improving in recent times, from 20% in 2012, up to 50% in 2016. This includes individuals’ employers who have knowingly employed barred individuals, and those who have failed to maintain appropriate recruitment records. Some of the evidence provided includes forged certificates or falsified letters from the DBS removing cautions/convictions.

DBS Customer Satisfaction

In association with IPSOS Mori the DBS have been running customer satisfaction surveys to find out what applicants, employers and other stakeholders think of their services. Last year 2,705 people gave feedback and the overall approval rate has increased to 89%. The DBS are committed to maintaining this level of performance and learning from the feedback provided. Of those surveyed 89% of applicants also believed that the DBS are making a difference to public safety, which is a very positive statistic. As a professional Umbrella Body DDC offer excellence in Customer Service and in 2016 96% of our applicants rated the service as good or better.

Update on the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

In the recent past the MPS have reported a backlog of checks breaching their service level agreements of 60 day return time. This has caused a great deal of difficulty for some applicants. The DBS have announced that this backlog is now falling with much improved turnaround times reported. The DBS and MPS are combining their efforts to ensure this improvement continues.

Workforce Guidance for those working with children and adults

The DBS have received a number of enquiries concerning roles that involve work with children and adults (both workforces) but are only classed as Regulated Activity (barring lists) in one of these groups. An example provided is a cleaner who works in a school (specified place) and also general hospitals. The applicant’s work in the school could make them eligible for an Enhanced level check with a check of the barring lists for U18s. Their work in the general hospital would make them eligible for a standard level check. In this instance the DBS would not expect the employer to request an enhanced level check with U18 barring list and child workforce, plus a standard level check. The employer would not receive any information relating to adult workforce or adult barring lists in this scenario, unless the local police force released under Common Law powers.

Each employer should carefully assess the role that they are offering to ensure they do not request information they are not entitled to see. The DDC system allows clients to set job roles for their checks so this assessment need only be undertaken once and applied to all similar job roles. If you have any questions about the job roles set on your account why not contact one of the team on 0845 644 3298 or 0116 260 3055.

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