DBS News – Oct / Nov 2013

November 7th, 2013 by Jonathan Bazely

DDC News

Here are some extracts from the most recent DBS News, and how they impact upon the service that DDC Ltd provide to Clients. To view the full document please click here

Local Police Force delays

In  the previous editions of the Disclosure and Barring Service News the DBS confirmed that the changes made over the last few months in relation to the ‘workforce’ inclusion had resulted in a backlog of applications. The DBS have re-iterated in this month’s Newsletter that the backlog of applications with the Local Police Force(s) has now reduced and they are working with the local forces to improve response times.  To find out if your local force is experiencing delays please click here. It is anticipated that some of the forces will start to recover as soon as November however it may take a few more months for some of the worst affected forces. As part of the service that DDC undertake for our Clients we track the applications at the Local Police Force(s) and begin a formal Escalation process as soon as possible. To read more about this process please click here.

Updates to Eligibility Guidelines

The DBS have been undertaking a feedback process to find out what improvement service users would like to see, or further guidance they can provide. In response to this they have produced an updated Eligibility Guidance notes aimed at confirming the legal framework which allows an employer to request a check. This should make it easier for employers to identify the legal grounds that enable you to request checks upon staff. Please click here to view the guidance notes. If you are unsure on the guidance provided you can contact one of the DDC Team on 0845 644 3298 and we would be happy to assist with any queries you may have. The DBS have also committed to develop an online eligibility tool, which can be used to decide the legal framework for eligibility based upon your answer to a number of questions. If you would like some more information around the background to eligibility and the process an employer should run before deciding on a DBS check please click here.

DBS e-guide introduction

The DBS have announced that they will shortly be introducing a new e-guide designed to assist with the training of new Countersignatories, or updating the skills of existing Countersignatories. For most of our Clients this guide will not be required as this is a role that we undertake for you. However for anyone looking for background information about the role that we undertake, or the process that is involved with countersigning a DBS application this would be a good start. As an Umbrella Body for the Disclosure and Barring Service DDC Ltd only allow fully authorised Countersignatories to complete an application and submit it to the DBS via eBulk. The current minimum level of training for this role is 12 months experience as a processing Agent plus the completion of internal training process designed to test the key skills required.

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