DBS Single Certificate Service (17th June 2013)

May 28th, 2013 by Jonathan Bazely

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Why is this change occurring?

DBS Single Certificate Service – The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) are only going to be issuing one Disclosure Certificate and that is to go to the applicant. As of the 17th June 2013 no more paper Disclosure Certificates will be issued to the Registered Bodies and Umbrella Bodies.

DDC are an electronic Registered Body (eRB) so we still receive notification that the Disclosure Certificate has been issued, receive the Disclosure numbers and dates, and notification whether it is clear or the employer should review the Certificate before making a recruitment decision. However, DDC will no longer receive the Disclosure content or be able to obtain this from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

How will the DDC systems notify client of a DBS Certificate issue and will this be affected by the DBS Single Certificate Service

  • DDC will still notify clients that the Disclosure has been issued, if clear, and the number and date are released as normal.
  • If there is any content, we email the recipient (automatic) giving them the applicant number, telling them to see the applicant’s Disclosure.
  • The Recipient checks which applicant it is, (online with a unique login which will be issued when first informed of content).
  • You get sight of the Disclosure from the applicant.
  • The Recipient then confirm to us they have seen the content and made the employment decision (preferably online again)
  • The process should then be closed and issue numbers released in the Client area as normal.
  • DDC are also looking to email the applicant at the time of notification of the Disclosure being issued, informing them that they will need to produce the document to the employer.

Additional service – DDC handling the content on your behalf

  • Should Clients not want the hassle of chasing the applicants to have them send or produce their Disclosure with content,  DDC can obtain the DBS Certificate and content on behalf of Clients and follow the process as we do now.
  • We would contact the applicant and request their Disclosure to be sent to DDC (those with content only). This includes DDC sending the applicant a pre-paid addressed envelope.
  • When we receive the Disclosure we would handle this as with our existing processes; inform the Recipient there is content, relay the content securely and then return the DBS Certificate back to the applicant.
  • We would also issue reminder emails and calls should applicants not immediately send their Disclosure to DDC. This would be similar to our follow up process where we chase application forms.
  • The additional price would be £7 + VAT per Certificate with content, to be paid by the Client.
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