DBS Temporary Relaxation of Document Checking Guidelines

March 25th, 2020 by Jonathan Bazely

Covid-19 Changes to documents

The Home office have announced a relaxation of the current identity checking guidelines utilised by the DBS. This temporary measure is designed to accommodate the increase in ‘working from home’ as part of the action plan to limit the spread of Covid-19. The original information can be found here

Under the current process, document checkers are permitted to use video conferencing technology to check that the original identity document in their possession matches the person providing the document i.e. matching the picture on the document to the person on the video call.

Update to identity checking guidelines

The temporary identity checking guidelines now permit document checkers

  • to check against a copy of the document 


  • to undertake checks over a video call

The original document must still be checked prior to allowing the person to start their role. Please note, the change should only be implemented for urgent cases where it is not possible to follow the normal identity checking guidelines. There are additional risks involved in the relaxed process and organisations should assess these and decide if they are suitable.

What can DDC do to assist with this process? 

To accommodate this new process we can offer several services to clients during this time, based upon your requirements:

  1. DDC check a copy of the document – The applicant will be instructed to make contact with DDC to provide copies of documents as per their nominated documents.  Please note, we must be able to see the information on the documents sent to us, so the copy must be of sufficient quality. Once checked we will email the document checker to confirm that we have undertaken this relaxed process and they should make contact with the applicant once any ‘work from home’ arrangements have ceased, and before the applicant starts their role. 
  2. DDC provide a report of applications processed after a certain date – To assist clients wanting to undertake the relaxed remote checks we can generate a report of all applications where document checks were undertaken after a certain date. This would allow a client to set a policy of remote checking and then DDC to confirm which applicants would need the retrospective original identity check.  
  3. DDC check original Documents – As an existing service we can offer to check your original documents for you, using the postal system. More details can be found on the previous News Article, including the process for moving to this service. 

If any clients are interested in either of these processes, please contact one of the team on 0116 260 3055 or 0845 644 3298


DDC are here to support you throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have any questions please contact the Customer Service Team on 0116 260 3055 or 0845 644 32988 or contact@ddc.uk.net

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