DBS transition to a new IT Service Provider

March 26th, 2020 by Jonathan Bazely

Service Transition Update

The DBS are changing their IT partner and transferring services from TCS to HGS and CGI on the 27th March. The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused some challeneges however they are confident that there will be minimal disruption to services. The outcome of these changes and the process of transition are outlined below: 

What’s changing during and after the transfer of services:

  • The Adult 1st Service will be unavailable from Monday 30th March to Wednesday 1st April (expected as 8am)
  • The Update Service will be unavailable on 28th and 29th March.

What’s Not Changing:

  • DBS processes and how customers access their services will not be affected
  • DBS service levels are not expected be impacted by this transfer
  • DBS checks and Barring referrals will not be affected during transition 

Service levels and turnaround times should not be impacted by this transfer. The DBS do not expect any changes to turnaround times but will keep Registered Bodies such as DDC updated if this changes. 

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