DDC Has High Standards For High Tech

October 9th, 2013 by Matt Tuckey

High standards for high tech

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High Standards For High Tech DBS Checks

An up and coming Leicestershire company, Due Diligence Checking (DDC), has been successfully registered as ISO27001 compliant. This highly technical and rigorous standard has taken DDC over 18 months to achieve, and permits DDC to process confidential data on behalf of the Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This standard is recognised all over the world and covers all aspects of information security, but for DDC this means protecting sensitive information and IT infrastructure from would-be hackers.

DDC’s main business is the processing of criminal record check applications, more commonly known as DBS checks or CRB checks, which are required documents for more than 5 million UK workers. These documents are widely used in industries such as health care, education and sports, where employees are in contact with children or vulnerable adults. Surveys have shown that the DBS has successfully prevented over 130,000 unsuitable individuals from gaining employment in these industries*. This level of protection is not without controversy however, as a recent Court of Appeal judgment ruled that some minor and dated convictions should not appear on Disclosure documents.

Director Jonathan Bazely explains further; “Our company works on behalf of our Clients to ensure that applications for DBS checks are completed quickly, correctly and in line with the best industry practices. This means we have to ask some sensitive questions, and make sure we know who is answering them. This registration shows that we operate and maintain a secure IT system. All of our clients, large and small, can trust our systems, and can have confidence that it is secure against online threats.”

Director and Sales Manager Matt Tuckey adds, “DBS checks are obtained by millions of individuals nationwide, and the application process is tightly controlled. Many applicants are rightly concerned that their confidential information is handled securely. With this registration, we cannot only say, but prove that we are serious about information security, and our systems are independently verified.”

By obtaining this registration, the Syston-based firm is placed amongst a mere 6000 firms worldwide who have been successfully assessed against this standard. ISO27001 is part of a family of standards that cover many aspects of the business environment, such as Health and Safety and Quality Management. In addition to ISO27001, DDC also obtained registration for ISO9001 Quality Management, which is the most widely known of the ISO standards.

DDC process over 35,000 applications per year, for over 2000 different clients. Mr Tuckey continues, “We have had a great year this year, and we are on track for over 20% growth. Recent legislation changes and judgments have complicated the DBS application process, and firms are keen to out-source this process to a specialist. This is where we fit in, with our leading online systems and outstanding customer service team, clients are now realising the true benefits. We now have several high-profile national companies on board, that can attest to our specialist status.”

DDC was started over 10 years ago, and is now amongst the top 10 DBS Umbrella Bodies nationwide. They now employ over 16 members of staff, and are poised to grow again in the near future. DDC also works closely with other local technology companies, such as Node4 datacentres and Linux-specialists Reconnix, based in Newark. IT Manager, Oliver Bazely, concludes, “The Midlands is rapidly embracing information technology, and there is a solid bedrock of companies that provide all the services we have ever needed. This is a sector that is only going to grow in the future, and the East Midlands will have to keep up if it is to stay competitive.”

High Standards For High Tech

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