Free COVID-19 DBS Checks

January 6th, 2021 by Jake Waddingham

The DBS recently announced free COVID-19 DBS checks and fast-track barred list(s) checks are to continue until further notice, including the relaxed document checking guidelines.

Free COVID-19 DBS check for vaccination sites

Have you been approved by the government to deliver COVID-19 vaccines?

DDC are working with community pharmacies to DBS check staff and volunteers to help administer the COVID-19 vaccine. As the role is directly in connection with the provision of care and treatment of coronavirus, you are entitled to the free COVID-19 fast track DBS check. DDC provide quick and free set-up to ensure you can start processing your DBS checks today. Simply pay DDC’s admin fee for the checks you add to the system.


Who is eligible for a free COVID-19 DBS check?

The free COVID-19 DBS check and fast-track emergency barred list(s) check applies to healthcare and social care workers being recruited in connection with the provision of care, treatment and vaccination of coronavirus. Those who are being recruited to backfill roles because of the impact of the pandemic are also eligible for free-of-charge standard and enhanced checks. Please note that eligibility does not automatically apply simply because COVID-19 cases exist in the health or social care establishment. Examples of eligible roles include:

  1. A pharmacist being recruited to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. An applicant being employed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic creating additional tasks , such as extra cleaning, or to cover for staff who are off sick with COVID-19 symptoms.
  3. An applicant being employed into a domiciliary care role to meet the increased need for care workers due the the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roles that are not eligible include:

  1. A nurse being employed to replace a member of staff who is leaving and the organisation is otherwise fully staffed. As the applicant is not being recruited as direct consequence of COVID-19 they are not eligible for a free or fast-track check.
  2. A lifeguard being recruited due to a member of staff being off having had COVID-19. The role requires and enhanced DBS check with a check of the barred list. A free or fast-track check can not be requested as the role is not within the health care profession and is not providing a health or social care service.

Fast-track barred list(s) check

The fast track service is for barred list check(s) only.  Standard and ‘enhanced without barred list’ are not fast-tracked but can be free of charge for qualifying roles. For eligible applications, results of the Adult and/or Child barred list check(s) are returned from the DBS within 24 hours. The full DBS check will progress as usual with the current average turnaround times being:

Standard DBS Check  – 3 working days

Enhanced DBS check – 7 working days

Relaxed document checking guidelines

The DBS have confirmed that the recent relaxed document checking guidelines will remain in place until further notice. Information on the relaxed guidance can be found in a recent DDC News Article – DBS Temporary Relaxation of Document Checking Guidelines including the additional support DDC can provide.

The DVLA has also announced a further extension of photocard driving licenses that have expired between 1 February and 31 December 2020 for 11 months from the date of expiry. This allows applicants to use driving licenses that are within 11 months of their expiry date. In addition expired passports can be accepted up to 6 months after the document expiry date.

It is important to note that the applicant must present their original document when they first attend their employment or volunteering role.

Are you recruiting in the health or social care industry?

If you are recruiting health and social care workers in response to COVID-19 you maybe eligible for a free COVID-19 DBS check and fast-track emergency barred list(s) check. We will pre-set ‘Job Roles’ into the system to ensure you receive the free check every time. Registration and set-up is free and all you will pay is our small administration fee.

To request a free COVID-19 DBS check contact us today on 0116 260 3055 | 0845 644 3298 or

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