Let DDC process your DBS applications, so you don’t have to!

January 29th, 2015 by Jonathan Bazely

If you are looking for assistance with processing a large number of CRB /DBS applications, why not register your organisation with us, and let us take away the stress! After 10 years in the business, this is what we do.

High volume processing:

As a commercial Umbrella Body for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure Scotland (SCRO) and Access Northern Ireland (AccessNI), we can carry the burden of processing a large batch of DBS checks. DDC Ltd currently process approximately 50,000+ DBS applications per year  so we have the experience and systems in place to handle large numbers of forms, whether they are partially completed, incomplete, missing ID documents or have any other issue. If you are processing a large number of applications infrequently why not give us a call on 0845 644 3298 and see how we can help.

Problems with Paper Applications:

One way our services set us apart from other Umbrella Bodies is that we make outgoing calls to applicants, as well as taking incoming service calls. This makes us a proactive service provider, chasing applicants and helping you achieve the results you want more quickly. We like to face the challenge of resolving those issues with paper applications and get enormous gratification out of showing our clients how much difference it makes when you choose to hand over the whole process to DDC. You will find the reduction in stress and the improvement in turnaround times makes the minimal cost a great investment.

Services we offer:

  • Our team of fully trained staff can quickly assess the status of each paper form to confirm what has been omitted or completed incorrectly.
  • We can undertake a reminder process to contact the applicant and obtain the required information, either sent directly to our offices or via a named contact within your organisation.
  • Applicant information can be transferred to our secure online system quickly and easily, by our team of agents, for efficient electronic submission to the DBS.
  • Our online Client Area can enable you to track the progress with each application from obtaining the required information to the submission of the application to the DBS.
  • Once the application is received by the DBS we provide tracking information and work to ensure results are returned within their Service Level Agreements.
  • Once the Certificate has been issued we send you an email to confirm the process is complete, or if there is a Certificate which will need to be seen. We can also arrange to have this Certificate sent to us, and information confirmed with a nominated contact within your organisation.
  • Results can be tracked by you and recorded via our unique online Client Area.

If you have any questions about the services that we offer or would like to speak with one of our team, please call 0845 644 3298. Our systems are designed to be flexible and meet the needs of our Clients, so give us a call today!


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