System Improvements and New Features

June 29th, 2015 by Jonathan Bazely

System Improvements

Listening to our Clients and the Applicants that enter their information

As one of the leading DBS Umbrella Bodies, Due Diligence Checking Limited (DDC Ltd) are always looking at ways that we can improve the service that we offer our Clients. We will shortly be making some further changes to the online system based upon the feedback from Clients and Applicants. Many Clients that regularly use the system may have noticed that a few of the icons have slightly changed over the last few months. This has been part of our system testing to determine which features our Clients get the most use from, and if there are any that can be tweaked or altered to make them more useful.

Below are some of the upcoming changes that Clients and Applicants will see:

1. New Look Log-in Page (launched 31st May 2015)

This is the first phase of our development as we asked Applicants and Clients what they thought of the log-in page and what they would like to see us do better. One of the suggestions was to highlight the security features of the system to make applicants feel secure that their personal data is being treated professionally and in line with best practice principles. So we’ve added more information with icons below the log-in boxes, and further links to our security standards pages.

2. Applicant ‘Landing Page’ (launched 31st May 2015)

This is the page that an applicant first sees when logging in to the DDC Online Portal. The feedback for this page was that it contained a great deal of information that whilst useful, could have been displayed in a more ‘easy to read’ fashion. Well we have listened to applicants and now the essential information is immediately available, with some of the more in-depth information hidden and available with one click.

3. Applicant Document Nomination (launched 15th July 2015)

Incorporating all the different routes of application, document types and combination of documents that an applicant can provide is not an easy task. Some of the feedback we received confirmed that a majority of this information is displayed in text format, which can be too much to ‘take in’ at a single glance. To accommodate this we have tried to reduce the word count whilst keeping the information available. More images and interactive Document Nomination screens have been designed based upon feedback and best practice principles for webpage design. We hope that this will make it clearer for those nominating documents, to understand what the DBS requirements are and what the options are for completing the application.

4. Applicant and Client Feedback Surveys (due July/August 2015)

We will shortly be introducing new Client and Applicant surveys for all those using the system, to find out what you really think.  Our aim is to provide an easy channel for everyone to influence the aspects of the system, that they feel could be improved or works well. To date we have worked through suggestions or comments made by Clients/Applicants to our Customer Service Team, over the phone.

If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact a member of the DDC team.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

DDC Management Team