Technical issue with DDC’s online web application – NOW RESOLVED

June 11th, 2019 by Matt Tuckey

The online system is currently unavailable due to a technical issue with the data centre. They are actively working to restore the system and hope to return to a normal service as soon as possible. This includes the support systems that are accessed by the DDC Customer Service Team, and the web application used by client users and applicants. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused. This is also prevented us from responding to a majority of email and phone correspondence. We will aim to respond to any incoming messages as soon as possible, once the system has been fully restored. This web page will be updated when we have a better indication of timescales.

  • Update 09:35 – there appears to be an issue with the hardware firewall in use which is preventing all access to external sources. The datacentre have resolved this and are now working to bring the main servers back up to working order.
  • Update 10:10 – the issue has now been identified as an issue with the firewall settings preventing all traffic to the servers. This has been resolved and all systems are back to full operating order.

– DDC Management Team

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