Use DDC as a DBS Umbrella Body

June 14th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

What is a DBS Umbrella Body?

An Umbrella Body for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is an organisation who can process and submit applications to the DBS on behalf of other organisations. There are several reasons why an organisation may not want to register directly with the DBS:

  • the organisation may not meet the minimum number of DBS checks (currently 100 per year) required to register directly
  • they may not want to pay the fee to register with the DBS
  • they may want to outsource the administration of the checking process
  • they require assistance to ensure compliance with external requirement such as the Data Protection Act or Protection of Freedoms Act

What other options exist to obtain a DBS check?

The alternative to becoming a Registered Body is using the services of a DBS Umbrella Body. Due Diligence Checking Ltd is a specialist service provider with 100% focus on processing Disclosure applications for clients through the DBS (formerly called the CRB), Disclosure Scotland and Access Northern Ireland. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. To start the process we only need the basic contact details for the applicant and we can do the rest!

Although we do the work, we also provide a full online monitoring system, so clients can see the progress of each application and can have confidence that we are processing your applications.

How to use DDC as a DBS Umbrella Body

As a DBS Umbrella Body, we are required to have a contract with the organisation requesting the criminal record checks. So if you are looking to open an account today please visit our DBS registration page or perhaps contact one of the DDC team for more information. You can view the DBS Code of Practice on this page and view some sample documents to help with your HR policies and procedures. If you would like to read more on introducing criminal record checks to your organisation please view our DBS Help and Advice section.

What next?

Once we receive your completed registration document we will call you back to discuss your requirements and how our application system can be tailored to your organisation’s structure or working practices. We will then open your account and issue log-in details to those that require access. Once these are received you can begin requesting criminal record checks in only a few minutes!

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