Form for Basic Disclosure Checks

Basic Checks

Read about what Basic Disclosures are, how Basic Disclosures work and how you can apply for Basic Disclosures on your staff.

What is a Basic criminal record check?

A Basic Disclosure check can be requested for any role, with the consent of the applicant. It is particularly useful where employers have some roles that are not eligible for a Standard (e.g. Financial Services positions) or Enhanced (e.g. working with children) check, but wish to set a policy that all staff and contractors should be checked at some level.

Basic Disclosures are available through DDC Ltd from an organisation called Disclosure Scotland, which covers the whole of the UK, so applicants from anywhere in the UK can apply to use this service and it is therefore not limited to those living or working in Scotland. DDC are a Registered Body for Disclosure Scotland so are set up and ready to process these checks.

After completing the required steps, Disclosure Scotland (the SCRO) will issue a Basic Disclosure certificate. A Basic Disclosure will show convictions considered unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) as amended by the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment Act 2012. This differs from a Standard or Enhanced criminal records check, which will contain information on spent convictions as well as any Vetting and Barring information requested, subject to the DBS Filtering Rules.

Basic Disclosures are available in addition to Subject Access Reports issued by the police, which individuals can obtain from their Local Police Force under the Data Protection Act, and Police Certificates for foreign visas etc., which are issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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Requesting Basic Disclosures

Anyone can request a Basic Level Disclosure Check. An interested party, such as an employer, may request a Basic Check on another individual, provided the subject of the check has given their consent.

Doing the check through an Umbrella Body like DDC ensure you receive all information as accurately as possible.  When checking a large workforce this may also present an administrative problem to ensure all applicants submit their information correctly and provide their results to the correct person. DDC can ensure this process is administered form start to finish.

DDC offer a managed service that takes over responsibility for the paperwork, making sure that the appropriate documents are sent to the applicant, the application is completed accurately and is submitted to Disclosure Scotland by us in a timely manner. With the consent of the applicant, you are able to keep the Basic Disclosure certificate on file and you can rest assured that the information provided by Disclosure Scotland is accurate and is related to the correct individual.

A Basic Disclosure application can be initiated online via your personal DDC Client Area and the applicant will complete a paper application form issued by DDC. For more information about the paper application process please go to our paper process overview page or register now to set up a free account.

If an individual wishes to request a Disclosure upon themselves, they will be issued with a Basic level SCRO certificate. Asking an employee to carry out a Basic check on themselves may represent a risk to an employer, as the subject of the check is also responsible for submitting the relevant documents and providing the results. If applying for a Basic check upon yourself you can contact Disclosure Scotland directly on 0870 609 6006 or go to

Application Process Overview

At DDC, we have been operating a paper-based application process since the very first days of the CRB (now DBS) and with Disclosure Scotland for Basic checks. Our process starts with the Client providing some basic contact details for the applicant. Once we have this information, we are able to guide the applicant through the process, post out the correct forms and deliver the appropriate information.

We offer a comprehensive tracking system so that our Clients can see exactly where the application is within the process at any given time. Our systems are also designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a range of different organisational structures and management preferences. If you have any specific requirements please give us a call on 0845 644 3298 and we can discuss how our system can be tailored to provide the ideal solution to your Basic Disclosure process. An overview of a typical paper application process can be found on this page Our Paper Process, but this can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.