NHS Employees, Hospital Workers and Medical Practitioners

DBS checking information for NHS and Hospital workers

This page is designed to provide some information for organisation obtaining DBS checks on staff working within an NHS/Hospital setting, or going onto medical sites to provide goods or services. This covers a multitude of different roles and areas within the healthcare setting so may not apply to your setting exactly. If you have any general questions you may wish to try our DBS FAQ section or contact us directly.

NHS Staff

Many NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) select a single Umbrella Body to process their DBS applications, or they may register themselves directly with the Disclosure and Barring Service. DDC offer an eBulk solution for Hospitals, Trusts and CCGs looking to outsource the processing of DBS checks for staff and volunteers. You can view our webpage about eBulk for more information, or why not call one of the team on 0845 644 3298 to discuss how our system can match your organisation structure.

Most Trusts are unlikely to offer a DBS checking service for any external staff employed by a third party. Under these circumstances they will ask the third party employer to obtain the required checks upon their staff prior to the commencement of a contract, which can be processed through DDC.

If you are looking to Register your organisation with DDC Ltd, to request Disclosures on your staff why not complete our Registration Page or learn more about our Application Process or Costs. DDC Ltd can offer a no obligation trial, optional extra services and full support to reduce the internal resource needed by your team.

Who needs a DBS/CRB Check?

The NHS have provided some sector specific guidance to assist with this decision making process which can be found on the NHS Employers website. In general the employer should decide which job roles need a check and at what level. If your organisation is working along side a Trust or Hospital and have asked you to obtain a check, they can normally advise the level of check they require you to obtain. Some of the more common roles that are checked include:

  • Doctors
  • GPs
  • Nurses
  • Porters
  • Admin staff
  • Medical Secretaries
  • Dentists
  • On-site Medical Engineers

What Level of Check should my staff have?

Unfortunately there is no exhaustive list which will tell you exactly what level to request based upon the job title of the employee. The decision to check staff rests with the employer and any sector specific guidance you have been provided. A useful document for assessing this can be found on the NHS Employers Website (Page 21). The key to making this decision will be to evaluate the role in two aspects:

  1. What level of Disclosure can you request? – The first aspect is to decide what level of Disclosure you are legally entitled to request upon the employee, based upon the setting where they will work and the potential for contact with vulnerable adults and U18’s. To help with this process you can view the current DBS guide to eligibility and some of our webpages relating to Regulated Activity.
  2. What is the appropriate level of check for the job being undertaken? – The second task would be to run a risk assessment on the job role on offer, taking into account aspects such as; the level of supervision, the control of access (e.g. restricted areas) , the type of contact with children/vulnerable adults (e.g. incidental) and any other safeguarding policies put in place.

Once the role has been assessed, you can decide the level of Disclosure to obtain on your staff. We strongly recommend that you record this Risk Assessment process to ensure best practice. If you have received any external guidance e.g. from a specific Hospital or Trust it is also recommended that this information is kept for your records.

Contracting to the NHS?

For those not directly employed by the NHS, but contracted to provide services, they may also need to obtain checks on staff. The following online document confirms the NHS policy on checking staff . Contractors should be informed of the level of Disclosure they should obtain. For any organisation dealing with data relating to patients, the Health and Social Care Information Centre have produced guidance on the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) website, using the IG Toolkit under requirement number 111.

Please note that as of March 2015 a new job function has been added to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exceptions) Order 1975 relating to the following role:

Any employment or other work in England and Wales regarding counter fraud, investigation and security management in the National Health Service (NHS)

For more information please read our NHS Update News Article.

How to obtain DBS checks on your staff?

If your organisation will not be processing more that 100 checks per year then you will need to Register your organisations with an Umbrella Body such as DDC Ltd. We can open an account for you quickly, there is no registration fee or set-up costs and you could be processing checks today! Our eBulk systems allow the fast and efficient submission of applications to the DBS.