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Document Checker Role & Responsibilities

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What is a Document Checker?

As the name suggests this is the person responsible for verifying the original ID of the applicant, to ensure it matches the information entered on their form, meeting the requirements of the DBS. This is probably the most important single step in the application process.

If the wrong applicant details are submitted then a Disclosure could be issued showing convictions belonging to somebody else, or worse, the applicant details submitted do not match anybody living, which by default will result in a “clear” Disclosure (If the person does not exist they could not have committed an offence.)

The DDC process makes the checking of ID Document as easy as possible, but at the same time requiring the document checker to be diligent.

Document Checkers (DC’s) are created online by the Requester. The process is automated and the user name & password issued upon registration. This is reasonably instant to allow Document Checkers to be created quickly or on an ‘as required’ basis.

How to complete the Document Checking process:

  1. Locate the Applicant on the Client Area – Once log-in details have been received by e-mail the Document Checker will need to access the system as instructed and locate the applicant. Search options are available through the Client Area or by selecting the ‘Check Documents’ tab. Clicking on ‘Check Documents’ will display a list of applicants who have been submitted for checks in the account, but have not yet had their documents checked. If the list is very long you can either sort it by clicking on a column header or search it using the search facility.
  2. Review the Applicant Overview – Click on the surname of the applicant to be checked, which will open the ‘Applicant Overview’ page for that applicant. If the applicant has successfully completed the form ‘Applicant Online Form’ will show as ‘Submitted’ and clicking on ‘Document checks not started’ will proceed to the ‘Document Nomination’ screen. If for some reason the applicant did not successfully complete the form ‘Applicant Online Form’ will show as ‘In progress’ and the applicant will need to complete this by logging in. If the applicant is willing to provide access to their form, by providing their Security Response, a Document Checker can complete the application.
  3. Checking Documents – The ‘Document Nomination’ screen shows a list of the documents that the applicant has chosen to nominate to support their application. Each ID document is listed, and details the information that it will confirm (i.e. date of birth or current address). Clicking on an individual document will bring up the check screen for that document with give some general information about the document, common security features, the acceptance criteria and how to satisfy yourself that it is a genuine original. For key documents such as a Passport or Drivers Licence there is more information describing the various versions currently in circulation. For each document you will be asked to verify some aspects of the personal data items it holds from a list of options presented. Answering each of the questions asked will ensure they match the form information.
  4. Submit the application – When the minimum required documents have been successfully checked the system will display a “Submit Application” button blow the list of documents. Clicking on this will update the database and the process is complete. Once the application has been sent to the DBS (within an hour or two of you checking the documents) the applicant will disappear from the list.

Mismatching document:

If any of the options selected do not match the data input by the applicant the system will request the information is checked and options confirmed, with an error message indicating where the error may have occurred. If the option selected does not match the second time further investigation may be required. It could be that the applicant has presented the wrong document, in which case a different document can be added to the list:

If the applicant insists that the document they are presenting is the document whose details they previously input it could be the case that the original application form should be checked. To enable access to the form the applicant must provide their security response. Once edited the form must then be re-submitted and all document checks undertaken again.

Incomplete Applications

Not everybody is comfortable or competent with computers and there may be circumstances where the applicant is not able or willing to enter their own data. In these circumstances they can authorise you to input the data for them. If they have saved some data already you will need their security password to access their form. If there is no data saved you will not need this unless you save the form before submitting it.

Security Password

Please note that the data being submitted to the DBS is the property of the applicant and it is their decision whether to release this. If they prefer you should make a system available for them to check and edit this input themselves.

Adding applicants

Document checkers may also be authorised by the Requester to enter new applicant details. If you are authorised to do this you will see three link buttons when you log in. To confirm the process of adding a new applicant please read the section entitled ‘Requester Roles and Responsibilities’.