Recipient Role & Responsibilities

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What is a Recipient?

Recipients are authorised by Nuffield Health to receive any content on a Disclosure, should any be present.

They can also have other roles such as Requester, so one person could be responsible for the whole process.

To ensure that we are only passing content to the authorised Recipient we agree a security challenge question & response e.g. what is your mother’s maiden name?. The question will be asked by DDC before any applicant or content details are given either over the phone or through the online Client Area.

Obtaining Certificate information

The DBS will inform DDC Ltd when a Certificate has been issued containing content that needs to be reviewed. This will result in an automated email being sent to the Recipient asking that they either:

  • Access the online ‘Recipient Area’ through the general Client Area (only named Recipients will be able to see this area) and obtain the name of the applicant. This area can also be used to remind the applicant that they should provide their Certificate, confirm once an employment decision has been made or indicate to DDC that an arrangement has been made with the applicant to review the Certificate. Please note that DDC will issue additional messages to Recipients if they have not obtained the name of the applicant from the Recipient Area, or indicated that an arrangement has been made to obtain the Certificate from the applicant.
  • Call DDC to obtain the name of the applicant, subject to providing answering a security question correctly.

Making an Employment Decision

If the Recipient requires any assistance with what the content is e.g. what is the difference between “assault” and “affray” we will endeavour to help them.

On receipt of the Disclosure Certificate the Recipient has to decide if any action is warranted and what that action should be. If they require time to do this they can request that DDC delays making the Disclosure number and issue visible to the Requester for up to XXXX hours. (On seeing the number & issue date listed on their screen, the Requester will assume that the Disclosure is either clear or any content is acceptable to Nuffield Health, unless they have already been told otherwise by the Recipient)

Where the content is marginal, Nuffield Health have an internal process for assessing its seriousness and relevance to the role.

Escalation and Cover

DDC’s policy is to pass content to the client as soon as possible and log which Recipient has been informed of Certificate information. To this end we have an escalation process which requires we contact an alternative Recipient if the originally notified Recipient has not responded in 48 hours (working). The Nuffield Health Central HR team will act as the back-up Recipient for short term or unplanned absences, but for planned absences of longer than 3 days please notify DDC on 0845 644 3298 and nominate an alternative Recipient.

Confidential Information

Certificate information should be kept in the strictest of confidence and should not be recorded by a Recipient unless the employee has given their permission for this to be done.