Requester Role & Responsibilities

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What is a Requester?

Requesters are individuals or groups within Nuffield Health who the company has authorised to initiate the application process and ensure that it is completed, or withdraw the application if it is no longer required. They will have access to all tracking information available on the DDC Client Area, and view the Disclosure number and issue date once it has been issued.

Requesters may also register additional Document Checkers on the system if they wish to, and can also delegate to them the authority to initiate new applications.

Multiple Requesters

Where the Requester role is shared by a number of people Nuffield Health have the option creating an account for each person and linking them to the single account. This enables the roles to be shared between teams, or as cover for leave.

Accessing the Client Area

Once you have received your Account Open email you can press log-in at the top of this page or go direct to

Options within the Client Area:

Add New Applicant – This button will enable you to request a new check on an applicant, and select the application method. Nuffield have requested that applications are completed online so please ensure the ‘Online DBS application’ button is selected.

Enter the basic details for the applicant as prompted, selecting one of the pre-defined job roles from the list. Any information entered into the Applicant ID or Location ID boxes are for use by the Requester to help with the tracking of applications or assigning of cost centres. These fields can be left blank if not required.

There are 2 buttons within the online request form with the following options:

  1. Submit – Applicant present. I will input data. Pressing this will proceed straight to the application form which can be completed by the applicant, with their personal information immediately available.
  2. Submit – Applicant to input own data. This will initiate an email to the applicant, providing them with their log-in details so they can access their form and complete the process online, including nominating their ID documents which they will present to a named ID Checker.

If the applicant’s role is not available as a menu option “other” can be selected allowing each of the options to be set manually. However doing this will cause the application to be intercepted by DDC to ensure that the role justifies the check as requested and that the role description gives sufficient information (within the 30 characters allowed) for the DBS and Police.

Add Existing Disclosures – This option allows the Requester to submit a record of a Disclosure previously completed by Nuffield. This will add the applicant to the ‘recheck reminder’ notices that are issued as per the Nuffield recheck policy. If an applicant has transferred from one site to another and the original Disclosure application was processed by DDC Ltd, please email DDC to confirm this and we can manually transfer the record.

Manage Applications – This section allows the Requester to view all applications attached to that account (or any other accounts they have access to). The lists of applications can be viewed in pre-sorted groups allowing for ease of management and tracking. Lists can then be sorted by any of the header rows, or by the date range finder as shown. This list can also be used to withdraw any applications that are no longer required, or the applicant has left the employment of Nuffield.

To do this click on the box to the left of the name of the applicant, and then scroll through the options on the bottom left of the list. Any applications that have not yet been submitted to the DBS/Disclosure Scotland can be cancelled and the disbursement fee refunded. If the application has been completed this will remove the applicant record from any future recheck reminders or certain reports.

Document Checkers – Registering a document checker allows their details and location directions to be displayed to the applicant at the appropriate times. At account opening the Requester details are defaulted to display to applicants, however this task can be delegated to named Document Checkers as shown. The Requester can also choose to enable a Document Checker to initiate applications. The system will create the Document Checker and send them an e-mail with their user name & password. If they should forget their password details these can be reset in this section, and verbally informed of their username as shown.

This section will also allow the Requester to edit their own location details and decide if they wish to be included on the list of Document Checkers shown to the applicant.

Note: If you are also checking documents, please read the Document Checker roles & responsibilities which will indicate the use of the section.