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The selected Umbrella Body – DDC Ltd

Nuffield Health have appointed Due Diligence Checking Ltd (DDC) to act as a DBS Umbrella Body and submit applications on behalf of the group. They will provide an online Client Area to allow the initiation of online applications, the checking of ID documents online plus the electronic submission of Disclosures to the DBS.

Unfortunately Disclosure Scotland do not yet have an online submission facility so Nuffield Health sites in Scotland will still need to use the paper form, which DDC will facilitate.

The new process is fully described through this ‘Nuffield Mini-Site’, as are the specific roles and responsibilities of those directly involved in the process.

Any data supplied by the applicant will remain in their possession, and should only be used for the process of applying for a DBS check. It is their decision whether or not to disclose this data to anybody other than the DBS. Where they do disclose such data to another Nuffield Health employee it should be treated as confidential and only used to complete the Disclosure application on behalf of the subject. This would exclude any other data that Nuffield would normally hold as the employing organisation (e.g. NI number, date of birth, contact details)

DDC’s service includes an automated system for issuing SMS, telephone and e-mail reminders to applicants who do not complete the online application form in a reasonable time (which we have specified) without giving any reason. The system can accommodate delays for valid reasons, provided DDC are made aware of these, so please communicate any expected delays to them.

The Directors believe that this process significantly reduces the effort required to obtain DBS Disclosures.