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The new online process has five stages, although only three of these require any input from Nuffield Health staff. They are :-

  1. Request the check – The Requester (or Document Checker with appropriate authority) submits applicant details online
  2. Complete the Form – Applicant enters their personal details and nominates the supporting documents they will present
  3. Document Checks – Documents are presented, checked and details confirmed online
  4. DDC Submit – DDC will check and submit applications to the DBS
  5. DDC track at the DBS – DDC will track and expedite applications at the DBS, then pass results to Nuffield Health

Applicant details are submitted via DDC’s web site which the authorised Requester can log into. The Requester uses the same web site to register the Document Checkers and to authorise them to initiate new applications (optional).

When submitting the required details the Requester can select whether they will input the data and document details there and then on behalf of the applicant (assuming the applicant is present) or the applicant will complete the process themselves, locally or remotely and then present their original documents for checking.

Requester (or Document Checker if authorised) completes form for applicant

If the applicant is present and has all their information and documents required, the Requester and Applicant can complete the entire process together. This may be useful if an applicant is not confident using the online application form, or has requested assistance to complete the process.

Applicant completes form

Selecting the remote option will trigger an e-mail to be sent to the applicant giving them the web address and log-in information to access their form. This will also be displayed on-screen to the Requester, with a print option should they wish to give the information to the applicant personally.

The applicant log-in page will tell the applicant what information they will need to complete the form, and what will happen when they have done so.

If they don’t complete the form DDC will issue reminders on a pre-agreed schedule until the application is submitted.

When the applicant submits or saves information to the website they will be asked for a Security Challenge and Response . This protects their data to ensure that no one can access their data (other than DDC) without their permission.

The system will also tell the applicant to take their original documents to one of the authorised Document Checkers, and the screen will display details of how to find them.

On receipt of the documents the Document Checker logs into the system and selects the applicant from the list displayed. They check the original documents using the guidance provided and confirm the details on the system.

If the applicant has not completed the online form they can give the required data to the document checker to input on their behalf. Where the applicant has partially completed the online form they will need to provide the security response when they save that data, so the document checker can access their form (please note the response is CASE SENSITIVE).

Once the documents have been checked the process is complete until the Disclosure number appears to the Requester who initiated the process in their client area on the DDC web site. As an option on each account DDC can also email the Requester to confirm when the Disclosure has been made available to view on the website.

If the Disclosure shows any content, the Recipient for that site will be notified securely before the number & issue date appear for the Requester to see.

The Client Area will display the progress of all applications submitted in the account from the point the applicant details are submitted. Finally a notification will be sent to the Requester 34 months after the Disclosure is issued saying that a recheck is due if the applicant is still in an eligible role.