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Paper-based applications

Where it is not possible for DDC to submit an application online, we have to submit a paper form, which must completed and signed by the applicant. This applies to all applications going through Disclosure Scotland (which includes Basic Disclosure applications in England & Wales) and any application to the DBS where one or more elements of the applicant’s data can not be submitted online (this is very rare) e.g. that applicant has spent some time in the past 5 years with no fixed address in the UK, and therefore cannot provide a postcode for that period. (Travelling overseas is OK, as postcodes are not compulsory for overseas addresses)

Where you know in advance that the paper process should be used, simply choose the “New Applicant – paper process” link when submitting their details.

If it becomes apparent during the online application process that electronic submission cannot proceed, the applicant will be asked to call DDC who will manually switch the process.

Under the paper process DDC will send an application pack to the applicant’s home or contact address. The pack will include the paper application form and instructions for completing it.

When they have completed the form they will be directed to take it, with their original documents, to a Document Checker who will take photocopies of the relevant pages and sign the copies. The completed form and signed photocopies of the documents should be sent to DDC in the envelope provided in the pack, by registered post.

DDC will process the application and destroy the photocopies securely.