Use DDC as an Umbrella Body

March 14th, 2013 by Jonathan Bazely

The alternative to becoming a Registered Body is using the services of an Umbrella Body, which is a Registered Body who processes applications on behalf of other organisations. DDC is a specialist service provider with 100% focus on processing Disclosure applications for clients through the CRB or SCRO. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for our clients, requiring them only to give us the contact details of the person to be checked and deal with any “exceptions” that can only be dealt with by the employer (volunteers are regarded as unpaid employees).

Although we do the work, we provide a full online monitoring system, so clients can see the progress of each application and can have confidence that we are processing your applications.

How To Use DDC As An Umbrella Body

Register with DDC and agree payment method

We do need a formal agreement to act on behalf of clients, so we ask you to register with us online and sign our one-page contract. This binds you to adhere to the CRB/SCRO Code of Practice as we are bound. Registration will also capture who we should notify if a Disclosure has content, if this to be somebody different to the person submitting the applicant details e.g. an HR specialist.

We also need to agree how the checks will be paid for :

  • By the client when submitting the applicant name (cash)
  • By the applicant when returning their form (self-pay)
  • Itemised (by applicant name) invoice to the requesting location (credit account)
  • Consolidated invoice itemised by applicant name, location, cost centre etc to a central accounts department (group account)

Adopt or adapt sample policies

We have developed employment & data protection legislation compliant sample wordings for all clauses and policies that are required to introduce Disclosures to existing and prospective staff. These include clauses for job advertisements, application forms & contracts of employment; plus policies for reportable incidents occurring subsequent to a Disclosure check and a process for dealing with an unsatisfactory Disclosure for an existing employee.

We do not charge for these and clients can adopt them or adapt them as they wish.

Provide DDC with the contact details of the people to be checked plus any relevant variables

We only need the name, address and contact telephone number plus the job title, level of Disclosure needed and paid/volunteer status (if these are variable). This can be submitted in singles or multiples by :-

  • e-mail (spreadsheet attachments are OK too)
  • fax
  • telephone
  • direct entry through your Client Area on the DDC web site

Track applications through DDC web site

This is available 24/7 and 100% concurrent with our production system. The number and issue date of “clear” Disclosures will also be displayed here immediately they are received

Deal with any exceptions as requested by DDC

There are some issues that only the employer is able to deal with. These are generally :-

  • Applicants telling us that they no longer need a Disclosure (different role, resigned etc.)
  • Applicants just not responding after the DDC follow-up reminder process is exhausted
  • Disclosures received with content

DDC will notify you if these occur and recommend a course of action.

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