What is the difference between a PVG Scheme and a DBS Check?

March 25th, 2013 by webmaster

There are several key differences between the two schemes relating to eligibility and the process involved:

  1. Where are you working? –  To be eligible for the PVG Scheme the applicant must be working in Scotland. To be eligible for a DBS Check the employment decision must be made in England or Wales.
  2. Continuous Updating – Under the PVG Scheme any employer that has ‘registered an interest’ in an applicant will be informed if they become ‘considered for barring’.
  3. Who can apply? – an individual can apply to join the PVG scheme directly to Disclosure Scotland, and receive a Scheme Membership Statement. However an employer should ensure they obtain a Scheme Record for the applicant or a Scheme Update, to ‘register an interest’ in the applicant and received continuous updating information, about consideration for barring. To apply for a Scheme Record, Scheme Update or DBS check an application must be made through a Registered Body (such as DDC Ltd.)
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