The time required to receive a Disclosure can be broken into three key parts:

  1. the time needed to complete and return the form,
  2. the time the DBS or Disclosure Scotland require to check their data sources.
  3. the time for the Certificate to be printed and posted to the applicant

For applications using DDC’s paper process, we send out the application form on the same day that the client provides the applicant’s contact details. If the form is not returned within a pre-defined period, reminders are sent to the applicant. As per our service commitments, we aim to process paper application forms with 24 hours of receipt, so delays in submission are minimised.

With the online process, DDC’s system automatically sends an e-mail to the applicant once an application is initiated. This provides them with the username and password required to access their online form. Again we can issue reminders, prompting applicants to complete their online form. Alternatively, if the applicant takes their documents to a nominated ‘Document Checker’ the application can be completed by another member of staff, with their consent.

The DBS turnaround time varies depending on which level of Disclosure is requested. Potentially Disclosure turnaround can be very quick if the applicant has applied before and is recorded on the relevant Police Force and DBS systems (DBS checks in 121 minutes) . Applications can be initiated in the morning, completed and submitted by lunchtime and an Enhanced Disclosure issued by 4.30 pm.

We record the time taken for the applicant to complete their part and for the DBS or Disclosure Scotland to issue the Disclosure for every application we submit. From this data we produce a monthly chart giving the average turnaround time, broken down into Standard and Enhanced applications.

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