DBS Ckecks

DBS Checks

Read about what DBS checks are, pricing and how you can apply for disclosures on your staff.

How much is a DBS check?

A DBS check varies in cost depending on the type. When you apply for DBS checks online the three main prices are

Basic Check

inc. £18.00 DBS fee & VAT

Standard Check

inc. £18.00 DBS fee & VAT

Enhanced Check

inc. £38.00 DBS & VAT

Volunteer Check

Standard or enhanced DBS inc. VAT

DDC offer a variety of different options, see the full list of DBS check and disclosure prices here.

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Why choose DDC for your DBS checks?

Utilising DDC’s specialist online DBS checking services you will benefit from:

  • Quick and free set-up – you can be processing your checks the same day with DDC’s free registration and set-up.
  • Support and advice – you will have access to DDC’s experienced Customer Service Team providing support advice for all your checks. The current team have over 100 years combined experience within the industry. 
  • Service to suit your needs – with bespoke packages and a flexible system, DDC can accommodate all sectors and organisations.
  • Secure and reliable – DDC’s system and processes have obtained ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation promising you a secure and reliable service.
  • Single management interface manage all your checks with a single interface, using our dynamic Client Area.

Apply for DBS Checks Online

Does your organisation need DBS checks?  DDC provide services to all industries needing to check the background of employees or those working with vulnerable groups. You can now apply for DBS Checks online which are safe, quick and reliable.

Are you looking for a registered Umbrella Body that removes the hassle of applying for a DBS Check and guarantees to deliver a secure, reliable and professional service? 

As leading experts since 2002, we pride ourselves on offering a fully compliant and reliable DBS checking service delivering:

  1. Accuracy with every check – built in cross referencing and error checking systems ensure accuracy with every check.
  2. GDPR compliance – as a processor of personal data, DDC’s systems and processes adhere to GDPR and data protection legislation.
  3. User friendly platform – applicants complete an easy to use online ‘Smart Form’ making your on-boarding process quick and easy.
  4. Value for money – DDC know that keeping costs down is a major consideration for all businesses. For this reason, we are constantly optimising our processes to ensure the value we provide is the best in the industry.

Accessible 24/7 from your chosen device, the online DBS checking platform allows you to manage your checks from start to finish. Our systems will save you time and resource, which can begin as soon as you apply for DBS Checks Online.

All levels of DBS check can be requested to accommodate all industries and practices from protected roles, safeguarding children and adults checks to general pre-employment checks. We will give you peace of mind that best practice has been followed and the results of a check delivered in a GDPR compliant service to suit your needs. 

The most efficient, quickest and easiest option is to apply for DBS Checks Online via DDC’s bespoke online portal. From here you can initiate checks, manage applications, validate identity documents and view results. If you prefer a paper application route, we can harness our years of experience to drive maximum efficiency for your organisation.

DBS Checks Process

Digital Identity for DBS checks

Coming soon, Digital Identity for your DBS checks. DDC will soon be launching the DDC ID App which will streamline the identity checking process for DBS checks making the process more efficient for everyone. The applicant will be able to use their smart phone to scan and read their chip-enabled British passport, and then use the camera to match the pictures in the document. This allows identity verification to be conducted remotely rather than seeing the physical documents.

To find out more see our Digital Identity page

What is a DBS check?

A Disclosure and Barring Service check or DBS check is the search of an individual’s criminal history. A DBS check may display convictions, reprimands, cautions or warnings depending on the level of DBS check requested. Also known as a disclosure, a DBS check can also disclose information on whether an individual is barred from working from children and/or adults. For Enhanced DBS checks only, the local police force may consider to disclosure ‘Approved Information’ held on the Police National Computer (PNC).


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What are the types of DBS Check?

There are three types of DBS Check. 

  1. Basic DBS Checkcontains details of all unspent convictions only.
  2. Standard DBS Check – contains details of all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings from the Police National Computer (PNC).
  3. Enhanced DBS Check contains details of any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings recorded on the Police National Computer (PNC), plus a check of the records held by the local police force. An additional check of the barred list can be requested for individuals who are working or volunteering in regulated activity with children and/or vulnerable adults.

How long does a DBS check take?

DDC pride ourselves on providing an efficient and reliable service through the support of a dedicated and experienced Customer Service Team. Quick online results allow you to place new recruits in their role quicker.

  • Basic – On average, a basic online DBS check will be returned in under 24 hours and some take just 55 minutes. 
  • Standard – Standard DBS checks take on average 48 hours to be returned from the DBS. DDC often receive results within a few hours.
  • Enhanced – Enhanced DBS checks online are returned on average in 8 days from the DBS with our quickest being 2 hours. 56% of enhanced DBS applications processed through DDC are issued in 24 hours or less and over 80% are returned in 5 days or less.

Who are DBS checks for?

A DBS check can be carried out on anyone who is being placed by you in a position of trust. This can be an employee, future employee, a volunteer, associates or contractors. 

If you are placing individuals in a position of trust with children and/or vulnerable adults, you may wish to obtain Enhanced level DBS checks. This level of check will allow an interested party (usually the employer) to request information relating to any previous spent and unspent convictions on the applicant’s criminal record.

If you are carrying out a criminal record check as part of your pre-employment checks or ongoing vetting process, you can request a basic DBS check which confirms any unspent criminal convictions. 

There are some further levels of check which allow additional types of information to be disclosed, such as information held on the DBS barred lists for work with Children and/or Vulnerable Adults. DDC can help you determine the right level of DBS check and guide you through the application process.

The list of specific roles eligible for different levels of DBS checks is updated periodically. We recommend that you obtain the information from the dedicated pages on this website or directly from the DBS via our links page. You can also email the DBS directly to check for clarification or guidance.

If you are not sure about the roles that employees are undertaking or the guidance from the DBS, you can contact us directly for assistance. It is important that you notify and ask employees to carry out their DBS checks at the correct point in any recruitment process, to ensure no employment laws are contravened.

Which level of DBS check can I request?

Standard and Enhanced Disclosures can only be requested by an individual or organisation that is eligible to ask an ‘exempted’ question about an individual’s spent convictions. Organisations are allowed to ask this question when they are placing the applicant in a restricted role or where the organisation is endorsing the subject to work in a restricted role. It is essential that the organisation has the power to deny the role or endorsement to the subject if the Disclosure is not satisfactory.

A basic disclosure check can be requested by any organisation wishing to complete their due diligence on employees or volunteers. A basic criminal record check can be requested on all roles and are not limited to any industry or sector.

For more information about deciding the correct level/type of check to request please see our DBS Regulated Activity webpage.

How do I get started?

To start processing your DBS check you can register your organisation for free when you Apply for DBS Checks Online. Whether you have a single office with a few core employees or multiple offices with a multi-tiered organisational structure, our online system will meet your needs and allow you to track your DBS applications from start to finish. We will provide you with support and advice during set-up, and ensure your account settings accommodate your requirements.


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