After completing many, many forms, we have a series of useful tips for completing the DDC application form. The numbers here correspond to the box numbers on the paper application form. Please note that basic application forms slightly vary with the information requested.

i) Requesting Organisation – this is the company or organisation that has requested the check upon you. If you are unsure on the name of the organisation it can be found on the covering letter sent with the pack.

ii) Role Description – this is the reason that the check is being requested and should correlate with your Job Title.

1 – 3 Please enter your current name details as shown on your ID documents

4 – 6 Please enter any other names you have used in the past. If you have never changed your name, please tick the box below question 3. If you currently use more than one name please write the name that is on your ID documents as the current name.

7 Please enter your date of birth and gender

8 – 9 Please enter your town and country of birth, as shown on your Birth Certificate or Passport (if shown).

10 – 11 Please enter your contact details as requested

12 – 14 Please enter the details as shown on your Primary ID documents

15 – 20 Please enter your current address as shown on your ID documents

21 – 26 Please enter your Full 5 year address history including postcodes. There can be overlaps in the address history but please enter them in chronological order. If you require further space please use a blank A4 sheet and write your name at the top. If you have been travelling overseas with no fixed address please enter TRAVELLING on the first line and then one of the countries visited, together with the exit and re-entry dates into the UK.

27 Please indicate if you have any unspent criminal convictions, cautions, reprimand or warnings, that would not be Filtered under current guidance*. This question will be different for basic level applications.

28 – 30 Please sign and date the application and consent to the fair processing.**

31 Please tick here if you DO NOT wish to sign for your ID documents posted back by Royal Mail Tracked Delivery.


* Please click here to read about the current Filtering Guidance.

** Please follow the link for more information on the relevant privacy policies and fair processing statements.

For more information on the type of form or documents please click on the questions below:

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