As part of the application process applicants are required to confirm acceptance of the different policies in use by the different authorities. Below are the links to the relevant privacy policies and statements plus other relevant notices.

The DDC Privacy Policy

Applicants will be directed to the DDC Privacy Policy as part of the online process, where they will be required to read and consent to this. Please make this document available to applicants if you are assisting in the completion of form information or submitting information to DDC on the paper application form.

The DDC Privacy Policy

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

A full list of the privacy policies in use by the DBS can be found on the website. This includes information on the rights of individuals and the rights of the barring team. Please see below links for the specific policies that apply to each DBS service. Applicants should read and understand these policies prior to submitting any information.

The DBS Privacy Policy for basic criminal record checks

The DBS Privacy Policy for standard criminal record checks

The DBS Privacy Policy for enhanced criminal record checks

Disclosure Scotland

The Disclosure Scotland Privacy Policy

Access Northern Ireland

Access Northern Ireland Privacy Policy