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Guidance for Applicants

Information about completing the DBS check application form

This page is designed to assist applicants with completing their paper application form. There are currently several different application forms in circulation, so the first challenge is to identify the correct form.

DDC Ltd Forms and Guidance for Enhanced and Standard Disclosures

This is the bespoke application form used by DDC Ltd paper applicants only. It shows the DDC company logo in the top left, on both sides of the sheet. This is a double sided document. Information entered on to the form will be transferred to an electronic application form for submission to the DBS, using eBulk. The forms itself is designed to be as simple as possible.

Guidance Notes are provided in the application pack, to confirm the documents and combination of documents required to complete the application process. As a general rule the minimum number of acceptable documents is 3, with at least one document that confirms the address and one document that confirms the date of birth.

DBS Forms and Guidance for Enhanced and Standard Disclosures

These are the forms used by the Disclosure and Barring Service for making an application by paper. They should show the name of the Registered Body in the top left address box, together with a unique ‘F number’ in the top right. These forms are purple in colour and consist of 4 pages.

Please note that DDC Ltd use very few of these forms as we submit applications using eBulk on our own bespoke forms. For guidance on how to complete the DBS form please go to

Disclosure Scotland Forms for Basic Disclosures and PVG Applicants

All Disclosure Scotland forms carry the logo in the top left with a box below ‘for official use only’.¬† Each form will indicate the mandatory fields in yellow, that must be completed. With each Disclosure Scotland application requested through DDC Ltd, the applicant will receive bespoke guidance notes designed to assist them with completing the form, and returning the correct documentation required to complete the process. Applicants should make a note of the Barcode Number in the top right of the form, if they need to contact Disclosure Scotland about their application.

Basic Disclosures applications – these are on blue forms and will arrive with DDC Ltd applicants partially pre-completed.

Applications to join the PVG Scheme* – these forms are for use by applicants that have not yet joined the PVG Scheme or have not yet obtained a Scheme Record through an employer. They are purple in colour and contain 8 pages, of which the Registered Body will complete page 4 onwards.

Applications for existing PVG Members* – these forms are for use by those that require a Scheme Update or an amendment to their Scheme Record already obtained.

*Please note that Clients requesting PVG applications using the DDC Ltd Client Area interface will answer some simple questions to ensure that the correct form is sent to the applicant, for the type of PVG check they require.

Access Northern Ireland (AccessNI) forms and tick sheets

Access Northern Ireland have moved to a purely online based process which requires applicants to create a profile on the AccessNI website, and request the correct level of check. As part of the process DDC will post additional guidance and a tick sheet to the applicant. Please wait to receive this information before beginning the process as applicants will be required to request a specific type of check and then enter a DDC PIN number to ensure that we receive the form information. This guidance will also include the most current documentation requirements as set by AccessNI, and where these documents need to be posted to complete the process. For more information please read our AccessNI information pages.

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