How will digital identity work?

DDC’s digital identity service works seamlessly with our bespoke and flexible pre-employment screening platform. There are a number of different service options depending on how much or how little you want to be involved. The applicant will be required to nominate their valid British passport. They will then be invited to download the DDC ID app by scanning a QR code. After that it’s a simple three-step process:

Step 1: The applicant uses the camera on their smartphone to scan their document before reading the chip to check all the security features on their identity document.

Step 2: The applicant takes a selfie and completes a liveness test to compare the photo on the identity document.

Step 3: The checks take a matter of minutes and the results are available immediately so the application can be submitted.

A picture of the applicant as checked will appear in your portal, so you can make sure that the same person attends the role. For right to work checks, a copy of the document is provided for you to keep as a record of your statutory excuse.

We have processes and systems in place to ensure seamless integration with the current portal so you’ll know which applicants were checked through digital identity routes, how they were checked and any reasons why they tried and failed. As always, we will fully log everything for your compliance requirements!

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Will employers still be required to verify original documents?

If employers decide to utilise the digital identity process, original documents do not have to be verified. There will be a streamlined process for the applicant to go through the completion of the application and have their identity verified in minutes and with no interaction from their prospective employer. This means less chasing your applicants, fewer back and forth interactions and faster processing times.

Can anyone use digital identity technology?

Unfortunately, not all applicants will be able to utilise this technology. The expectation is that digital identity tools will continue to improve, and more and more individuals will have the required smartphones and scannable documents. There have been a lot of discussions about the accessibility of digital identity for those without the capability, access to technology, or other barriers preventing the use of digital identity technology. Due Diligence Checking is striving towards making the digital identity process as accessible as possible for all applicants.

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Will I be able to use the original process and digital identity?

Yes, you will be able to utilise a hybrid identity checking process to ensure all of your applicants can successfully complete a DBS and Right to Work check. Therefore, a combination of verifying original documents and digital identity can be used.

Is digital identity available for volunteer DBS checks?

Yes, digital identity can be utilised for DBS applications including volunteers.


Are DDC a certified identity checking service provider (IDSP)?


DDC’s digital identity service is certified against the Home Office digital identity trust framework. There are a number of schemes organisations can become certified against the framework and DDC are accredited for both the right to work and DBS schemes.