Dance your way to a DBS Disclosure in 5 easy steps

April 9th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

Dance Schools

Here are some top tips for introducing DBS checks for your Dance School:

1. Decide if DBS checks are right for your Dance School.

DBS Disclosures are a very effective way of improving the child Safeguarding environment within your Dance School, to ensure that parents feel comfortable leaving their children in your care and Principals are happy with those they are placing in a position of responsibility. They offer a level of protection that help to put your school ahead of the game when it comes to child safety. Many of the major Dance Associations and Examining Bodies recommend the use of DBS Disclosures for their members, so why not include your teachers, dance assistants and those training for a qualification?

2. Put your policies in place.

You need to ensure that you have created certain policy documents for your School, to enable you to request the checks and protect your business or organisation. Most reputable Umbrella Bodies will be able to provide you with sample policies to make this part of the process easy, so you won’t have the hassle of writing them yourself. If you are not sure which policy documents you need, contact your Dance Association who can point you in the right direction. You do not have to check every person that enters your school and you can decide which roles you feel warrant a check, and what level of check that should be carried out.

3. Tell your staff about the introduction of DBS Checks!

Most of your staff will be aware of DBS checks and understand the need for them in a Dance School setting. They may have previous experience of obtaining one and provide invaluable guidance on the process, or you could even introduce a new role of ‘Safeguarding Officer’ within your School to help out with the applications.

The Disclosure Certificate will be posted directly to your staff members home address and they will be the one’s completing the application.

4. Register with your DBS Umbrella Body and run the checks.

Most Dance Schools do not meet the DBS requirements to apply directly (currently 100 checks per year), so you will need to use a DBS Umbrella Body to obtain your checks. This is very easy and most Dance Associations will have a preferred supplier who will be able to talk you through the process and provide sample polices required. Make sure you choose an Umbrella Body that provides the right kind of support for your Dance School.

Get set up with the Umbrella Body and start running your checks on your staff. Many organisation run on-line applications making it easier and quicker to process and track your checks.

5. Tell your Clients about the fact you run checks on staff.

You can use DBS Disclosures as a positive message about how your Dance School takes Child Safety seriously and goes that bit further to check anyone who might come into contact with children. Many parents like to see that Child Safety is at the forefront of any Dance’s School recruitment process. If you go through the process of requesting the check you may as well tell your Clients about it! (Just remember not to use the DBS Logo on any marketing material as they don’t allow that!)

For more information see our Dance School page.

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