Digital Identity for DBS

April 25th, 2024 by Daisy Birch

DBS checks are constantly advancing, and it is essential to stay abreast of these changes. With the complexity of guidelines and standards, it can get overwhelming. DDC aim to provide both industry insights and firsthand experiences regarding the current landscape and future trends in digital identity verification, especially following our recent launch on October 1st, 2023, of ‘DDC ID’.

On average going through the DDC digital identity process takes applicants just 1 minute to verify their documents and identity using the DDC ID app, rather than days awaiting document checks.

What is a digital DBS check

New digital standards were added to the identity verification requirements for basic, standard and enhanced criminal record checks by the DBS, including volunteer applications. These changes allow applicants to digitally verify their identity and complete the entire DBS process from the comfort of their own home, rather than via an in-person document check.

To enable candidates to verify their identity digitally for DBS checks, your organisations must partner with a government certified identity service provider (IDSP), like DDC who are accredited to the Government Trust Framework. This will enable a completely digital DBS check.

Are digital identity checks mandatory?

Though digital identity checks are becoming more widely accepted by organisations across the UK, this form of identity verification is not mandatory and will work alongside the manual in-person document checking process. Applicants can choose which method to use when processing applications, and DDC’s systems and processes are designed to support the candidate regardless of which identity route they choose.

Why consider digital verification for DBS checks?

Employer benefits for adopting digital identity

  • Utilising technology to take on some of the responsibilities of hiring managers across the UK who may not have the time or location capacity
  • Reduces the requirement to have experience to conduct document checks and identify fraudulent documents.
  • The technology used in a digital identity check assesses the validity of unseen chip data
  • Systems compare data and images from the document and then to the person
  • Difficult for imposters to deceive potential employers.
  • Ensure full DBS compliance with digital identity. The verification captures everything needed to evidence a compliant DBS process has been followed without seeing original documents.
  • Digital identity can streamline the checking process and enhance the candidate journey.
  • No more chasing candidates to check original documents and faster processing times.
  • Digital identity will enable the candidate to verify their identity anytime, anywhere.

Candidate benefits for using digital identity

  • With digital identity, candidates can quickly and easily complete the DBS checking stage of their application without having to gather multiple documents to prove their identity.
  • The current identity verification process can take some applicants days to complete, but this is reduced to minutes.
  • Candidates will no longer need to travel to complete the process.
  • Quicker and smoother processes to be placed into a role. Cutting down the time taken in the early stages of the application process will help the whole process progress faster.
  • All the checks are carried out of one platform, with one supplier, there is no need to log on to multiple portals.

How can DDC help with digital DBS checks?

DDC’s digital identity solution for DBS seamlessly integrates with the bespoke online platform, tried and trusted by thousands of businesses and organisations across the UK.

The Process

  1. Add candidate(s) onto the online client portal – if processing high volumes at once, let DDC help with the bulk upload feature.
  2. Digital identity verification – Once added the applicant will be directed to their application online and given the option to verify their documents using digital identity
  3. Submit to the DBS – Once the applicant has completed their steps, DDC will countersign their application and submit it to the DBS

With DDC, users can hand over the entire process once initiated the candidate process. The service cuts down the resource time that would have previously been used up chasing applicants and arranging document checks.

Contact the experts

If you would like to discuss how digital identity can fit into your process, please contact the team on 0116 260 3055 or schedule a call by emailing

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