Why Outsource Reference Checks?

March 8th, 2021 by Jake Waddingham

We all know that carrying out suitable reference checks is a crucial element to getting the best talent into your organisation. The biggest frustration we hear about is that employment reference checks can take a lot of time to obtain and sometimes don’t come back at all. This does not have to be the case!

You could obtain quality references, more frequently, without spending time chasing applicants, referees or other busy HR professionals. Why not try outsourcing to the specialists?

What are the 7 key benefits of outsourcing reference checks?

1)     Never chase a referee again

Our proactive Customer Service Team will do this for you. This includes calls and emails so you never have to chase a referee again. You can even decide how often and how many times you would like DDC to contact the referee.

Referees access a simple online form answering the questions that you want asked. If the referee does not want to enter details online, we also make available numerous other channels for them to provide the information. We don’t just make it easy for you, we make it easy for them as well.

2)     Saving HR time

Using the same easy to use online system for all your pre-employment check, you can request reference checks with a simple click of a button. You can increase the efficiency of your HR or recruitment teams, leaving them to undertake the key decisions. 

Utilising our innovative technology and trained team of Case Workers, we will deliver the results of the references to your authorised team members to make the recruitment decision.  Safe in the knowledge that references have been obtained and independently verified, you can make your employment decisions more efficient and informed. All whilst saving time and valuable resource.

3)     Quick turnaround times

We have developed an industry leading data capture and follow-up process to deliver your references faster. Outsourcing reference checks can help save a significant amount of time when onboarding new employees.

As the current labour market continues to be as competitive as ever, securing the best talent is pivotal. We drive each and every reference through to completion as quickly as possible. This includes any additional consents the referee requires, or any other requirements along the way. On average we receive completed references within 5 days.

4)     Verified results

We are passionate about making references both useful, accurate and more than just a tick in the box. We don’t just stop when we’ve had some form of response. The challenge is knowing that a reference is accurate and reliable.  Utilising our reference checking service, you can be assured that each referee is verified to the highest standard.

Our highly trained Case Workers will investigate further using our expertise and specialist technology. This provides you with the confidence that the person providing the reference is authorised and suitable to do so.

5)     Scalable service

We can do as little or as much of the process as you want. You select the service and only pay for the checks requested. Our flexible reference checking service supports HR teams and can accommodate your demand. Whether you’re expanding your business and have an immediate need, or you on-board numerous new employees each month, we are always on hand to process your applications. 

We can handle large bulks if you are running a recruitment campaign as and when you need it, efficiently with no requirement for you to increase your HR resource. Whether you require 1 or 10,000 references we can support you.

6)     Global screening

Hiring overseas employees can add great value to any organisation. HR teams can sometimes struggle to obtain the same pre-employment checks for non-UK candidates, as for UK based employees. We can accommodate your requirements with our global screening capabilities.

We apply the same high standards when recruiting from outside the UK, and can even add an international criminal record check. Our online platform is available 24/7 allowing applicants and referees to access the system at any time wherever they may be in in the world.

7)      Quality assured

When we complete a pre-employment report, we put our name to it. We will not release the final report until we are satisfied that all elements of the checks undertaken have been completed diligently and to the highest standards. And we do that within 24 hours of the final part of the information being provided. Don’t worry you can still see each element of the check or an individual reference as we complete it, on-screen.

In addition to the Case Worker sign-off process we use innovative technology that includes risk minimisation and fraud detection systems with each and every check. You can be assured that results are genuine and true.

As a service provider we believe that the quality of the final report has to be to the highest standard or there is little point to outsourcing. Our quality objective with all of the services we offer is to be ‘secure, reliable and professional‘. Why not give us a try for yourself?  

Free no obligation trial

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