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Access Northern Ireland Checks

Criminal record checks for employees living and working in Northern Ireland.

Access NI operate there own criminal record checking department for employers to request an applicants criminal record. Employers can use an Umbrella Body service to request Access Northern Ireland checks easily and efficiently for staff.

DDC as a Registered Umbrella Body

Due Diligence Checking Limited (DDC) are a Registered Umbrella Body with Access Northern Ireland (AccessNI) allowing us to submit applications for employees living and working in Northern Ireland. To request a check please register with us and open an account today. There are no set-up fees or registration costs.

Eligibility for an AccessNI check

The eligibility criteria to allow an employer to request a Enhanced or Standard AccesssNI check can be found on the AccessNI website. Generally this is very similar to the DBS requirements however further information is available on their website. Employers should evaluate the role that is offered to the employee and decide on the most appropriate level for the type of work being done.

AccessNI fees

The standard fees for AccessNI applications are as follows:

Service and Disclosure Type

DDC Fees (ex. VAT)

Access NI Fees (VAT exempt)

Total (inc. VAT where applicable)

Basic AccessNI Check£18.00£18.00£39.60
Standard AccessNI Check£18.00£18.00£39.60
Enhanced AccessNI Check£18.00£33.00£54.60
Volunteer AccessNI Check£18.00Free£21.60

If you are requesting a large volume of checks please contact one the team on 0845 644 3298 to discuss the pricing options.

The DDC Process

Please find below a default process that we use to process applications with AccessNI however our system is flexible and can be tailored to the process of the Client as required, with numerous options and system features available. If you have any specific questions or requirements why not call one of the team on 0845 644 3298?

Step 1: Basic applicant information is entered on to the DDC portal (log-in details provided after registration and account set-up)

Step 2: DDC will contact the applicant to provide guidance on setting up an online account with AccessNI, and entering form information required to process the applications

Step 3: The applicant will provide original ID documents which need to be verified (either by the employer or DDC Ltd). Documents will then be cross-referenced with the form information to ensure they match. Any discrepancies or differences will be identified and queried with the applicant directly.

Step 4: DDC will submit the form online to AccessNI and track the application to ensure it is processed as quickly as possible. Any queries from AccessNI will be dealt with by a DDC Countersignatory as soon as possible.

Step 5: The Certificate will be issued, printed and posted to DDC, with a copy sent directly to the applicant’s home address.