ID Checks

Registered Bodies are required to establish the true identity of a person applying for a DBS check using ID Checks. In order to satisfy this requirement, applicants must provide a range of externally-sourced documents for verification. DDC have a unique inbuilt tool to help clients ensure compliant identity verification checks are carried out and no training or prior knowledge is required. 


DBS identity requirements.

When requesting a Standard or Enhanced level DBS check, applicants are required to produce documentation in support of their application. The DBS have categorised the documents according to their reliability, and created 3 documentation ‘Routes’ – i.e. acceptable combinations of documents. Applicants must attempt the 3 routes in sequence, with Route 1 as their first choice. Only if Route 1 is unachievable does Route 2 become an option.

DBS Route 2 ID validation check

As part of Route 2, an applicant has to undergo independent 3rd party ‘Identity Verification Checks’ or ‘ID Checks’. An external ID validation check is an additional way of verifying the identity of an applicant. It involves the Registered Body providing an applicant’s details (as presented on the application form) to a pre-approved Identity Checking supplier, who will compare the data provided by the applicant, against a range of independent, external data sources. DDC have partnered with Experian Ltd to provide this service.

External ID validation checks for DBS Registered Bodies

DDC offers a quick and easy-to-use service for DBS Registered Bodies and Umbrella Bodies who wish to obtain external ID verification checks in line with the DBS’s document checking guidelines. Existing Clients who use DDC’s umbrella body service for DBS checks have the ID checking service built into the process. 

The service DDC offer is specifically for Registered Bodies to obtain the external ID validation check required to go down the DBS’s “Route 2” for the identity checking process for their applications.

Features and Benefits using DDC’s ID verification service:

  • Simple online user interface
  • 100% Experian data sets
  • Fully compliant with the DBS’s external ID validation guidelines
  • Printable results page
  • Authenticates Medium Confidence as detailed in the Good Practice Guide (GPG) 45
  • Quick set-up, less than 24 hours
  • Free registration for DBS Registered Bodies
  • Personal Client Area
  • Full reporting capabilities

What are the external ID validation check requirements for DBS checks?

When using Route 2, along with a number of identity documents, the DBS require an ID validation check which satisfies certain criteria.

An ID validation must:

  • Medium confidence – as detailed in the Good Practice Guide (GPG) 45
  • Provide a straightforward PASS/FAIL result (some suppliers may return a score or a percentage, neither of which are acceptable).
  • Provide a hard copy or printable result page.

DDC have a developed an online system to allow Registered Bodies and Umbrella Bodies to complete this requirement quickly and easily. The system is fully compliant with the DBS guidelines and uses Experian as the data provider.


How does the verification request process for ID Checks work?

Drawing on years of experience of working with the DBS and processing checks on behalf of a large client base, DDC have established a quick and easy to use external ID verification service for other Registered Bodies.

On registering, the client is given a username & password access to their personal online Client Area. Here they can request new ID checks by simply inputting the applicant’s name, address and date of birth, plus any data specific for their own needs, such as location, cost centre or requester name.

The results are displayed as pass or fail, with a unique number and issue date (similar to a Disclosure). Being secure, the record of the check remains visible for at least 3 years, although clients can print hard copies when needed.

During working hours, DDC aims to have the ID check result returned within 1 hour of the request.

Additional users can be set up quickly by the main user in the Client Area. There is no limit to the number of additional users and there is no additional cost for this service.

The main account user can see all the applicants and results of checks which have been put through from all the account users as well as their own. This is similar to a superuser role. The additional account users can only see the applicants and results of checks they request on the system themselves.


How much are the external ID Checks?

Clients can buy individual or prepaid bundles of ID checks to submit applicant details. Registered bodies can purchase a minimum bundle of 5 identity checks. There is no registration or set-up fee.

Bundle size

Price (ex. VAT)

Price per check

5 Checks


25 Checks


50 checks


100 checks


Check for DDC’s DBS applicants

(for DBS applications processed through DDC which
do not satisfy the Route 1 identity conditions so follow Route 2)



For organisations who are looking for identity checks as part of their DBS application please see our DBS checks page for more details.

How do I get started with the ID Checks?

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