What information will be sent to DDC?

May 18th, 2023 by Abbie Tigedi

For a full list of the data captured and retained with a digital identity check please refer to the detailed ‘Privacy Policy’. As a general outline, the DDC ID application will capture all the information on the details page of the document, which will include document numbers, validity dates, address details, and any photos of the person. Where chip data is present, all data will be extracted and sent to the DDC systems. The liveness test will take a short video of the applicant for 3D face matching to ensure that the person is present in front of the camera.

All captured data will then be securely transferred to DDC servers by the mobile application, and then deleted from the users device device as a security precaution. No personal data is stored on the local device once automated deletion processed are completed or the app is closed.

Find our privacy policy here – /help-advice/policies/

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