What happens if there is a change in personal circumstances?

October 18th, 2016 by Jonathan Bazely

Common queries relating to changes in personal circumstances and criminal record checks.

Below are some of the most common queries in relation to changes in personal circumstances and applying for a criminal record or DBS check. These changes may have an influence on what happens during the checking process or when applying for a new check.

I have recently married or changed my name

All documentation must be in the current name declared on the application form. A passport which is still in the maiden name can potentially be used as a valid document, with a corresponding UK marriage certificate.  If you are completing an online application form please call a member of our team on 0845 6443298 and we can advise how to proceed in this instance.

Once a Certificate has been printed it can not be amended. If an applicant wishes a new name to appear on the certificate, a new application would be required. Before applying please ensure that sufficient documents are available which confirm the new name.

I work in a professional or different name

This applies where an individual may work in a different name to the primary identity documents. All names used must be declared on the application form to ensure they are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service, or other body. The current name as entered on to the form will be shown on the Certificate, and must correspond with the name shown on primary identity documents. If using a professional name please declare this as a previous name used to ensure that it appears on the Certificate.

I recently moved address

This is generally not an issue for most applications as they are processed within a few days. The actions that can be taken to amend an address on an application in process, will be dependent on the authority issuing the Certificate. The Disclosure and Barring Service (English and Welsh applications) will be able to change an address at certain stages within the checking process. To notify one of the team please call DDC on 0845 6443298. You will be asked to provide a document confirming the new address, that matches the DBS document checking requirements.

Disclosure Scotland may be able to change an address at certain stages in the process. However they will require a document in the new address to confirm this.

Application with Access Northern Ireland already in process, can not be changed to a new address. A new application would be required.

If the Certificate has already been issued there is no way to amend the postal address, and a new application would be required.
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