How to make an Employment Decision

June 27th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

For most employers this is the final decision to make once the results of a criminal records check have been received. Where there is no Certificate content to evaluate, which is a majority of cases, this is an easy decision.

For most employers it becomes slightly more complicated if the Certificate has revealed some further information which needs to be evaluated. (Please remember that an employer should not copy the Certificate or any information it contains, but can record the fact that an evaluation process was undertaken to assess content.)

With the movement to a single Certificate (DBS applications), the individual has to produce the Disclosure. This allows the applicant to present any additional information, or a clearer version of events surrounding the content on the Certificate, to the employer to assist with the process of evaluation. The employer should then try to assess the information based upon (but not limited to) the following criteria:

  • What work will the employee be doing?
  • The age of the information on the Certificate
  • What supervision is in place within the workplace?
  • Does the information revealed limit their ability to carry out their role?
  • What additional information was provided by the applicant

As a Registered Umbrella Body we can help our Clients to understand the information that is present on the Certificate, for example what is the difference between Common Assault and Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm. Unfortunately we are not able to tell you if an individual can be employed or endorsed to work in the position applied for.

For more information on this process you can view the Nacro or Unlock websites.

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