What does it mean if I have not been successful with the digital identity process?

May 18th, 2023 by Abbie Tigedi

There are several reasons why an individual may not be able to prove their identity using digital identity tools. A vast majority of these are legitimate reasons and applications can still proceed. The mobile application and web portal will provide some basic details, or a DDC agent may be in contact to assist. The most common reasons are grouped below. All applicants are guided through the process and manual checking options are always available to meet the check type requirements.

Mobile application:

  • The mobile device is unable to support the required steps e.g. faulty antennae or broken camera
  • No data chip in the document or damage to chip preventing data extraction
  • No internet connection to the phone preventing transfer to DDC systems
  • Local settings preventing capture or transfer, such as permission not given to allow DDC ID to access the camera
  • Poor lighting conditions preventing high quality image capture

Data matching not possible:

  • The data extracted from the identity document(s) does not match the form submission e.g. name change
  • The identity document holds inaccurate data as issued by a third-party such HM Passport Office
  • Facial recognition software can not match the document image to the person present

Unable to complete third party address verification (DBS only):

  • Applicant may not have lived at the current address long enough to register themselves
  • Temporary or term-time address entered on to the form, where the applicant has little ‘credit imprint’
  • Minimal data imprint of the individual, for example little or no credit footprint, no register on the electoral role

Fraud investigations processes:

The DDC systems have a detailed fraud investigations systems to spot and counter any attempt to circumvent security features. This includes anti-spoofing tools and access to databases of previously used fraudulent identities. These processes are handled separately to the standard mobile application and web portal systems. As a pre-employment checking provider our first action is to contact the recruiting or endorsing organisation to make them aware.

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