What documents are required for a criminal record check?

February 13th, 2013 by Jonathan Bazely

The documentary requirements when applying for a check depend on the type of check required. Scottish residents applying to join the PVG Scheme are subject to certain requirements, which are detailed on our PVG Scheme page. Basic checks require different document types, which are detailed on our ‘Basic Checks‘ page. The document requirements for Standard and Enhanced Disclosures are more complicated. The DBS have divided documents into 3 broad groups:

  • Primary Trusted Identity Credentials
  • Trusted Government/State Issued Documents
  • Financial/Social History Documents

There are 3 ‘routes’ for choosing documents to present in support of an application. Applicants must attempt to follow the 3 different ‘routes’ in sequence i.e. Route 1 is the default route for all applicants. If Route 1 fails because the applicant does not possess the necessary documents, then Route 2 must be followed. If Route 2 fails, then the applicant can follow Route 3. If Route 3 fails, the applicant must report to a local Police Station for fingerprinting. Full guidance is provided by the DBS and is summarised on our ‘Documentation Required‘ page.

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