What is a DBSAF check?

August 5th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

What is a DBSAF check?

A DBSAF check (or Disclosure and Barring Service Adult First check) is an accelerated check of the DBS Barred List for working with Adults. It was previously called an ISAAF (or Independent Safeguarding Authority Adult First) or a POVA First (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) check. The results of the check will confirm if the individual is currently not found on the Adults Barring List, but will not confirm that the applicant is suitable for the role being offered. The only way to confirm this information is to make an employment decision based upon the full results of the requested DBS check.

Who can request a DBSAF check?

These checks are limited to those employers providing care services for adults, only in exceptional circumstances and where absolutely necessary. Following Department of Health guidelines, a person can be permitted to start work prior to the completion of their legally required DBS Certificate, although employers should not take this decision lightly, and should have additional safeguards in place for example additional supervision or monitoring.

The Registered Body that submitted the original Enhanced Level DBS application (with a check of the Adults Barred List) can request the DBSAF via the DBS website, with confirmation received via email that it is in process.

How can employers request a DBSAF check?

A DBSAF can only be requested by the Registered Body who submitted the original Enhanced Level Disclosure, once the form has been submitted and the form reference number obtained from the DBS. Clients of DDC can request this check using the bespoke online Client Area, by simply ticking this box on initiating the check, when entering basic applicant details. If this option is not currently available on your screen you can contact one of the team on 0845 644 3298 who can discuss the settings on your account and make this available. Alternatively an email can be sent to DDC Ltd requesting the DBSAF check on an applicant once the application form has been submitted.

What results will be returned?

Once the request for a DBSAF has been made, the DBS will confirm via email one of two results, normally within 48 hours:

  1. That the applicant is not found on the DBS lists for those barred from working with Adults, OR
  2. The employer should wait for the full Disclosure process to be completed, and review the issued Certificate before making an employment decision.

What will the DBSAF not show?

The DBS will not provide all the information that an Enhanced Level Disclosure will confirm as it only runs a check equal to Stage 3 of the 5 stage process for an Enhanced DBS check. It is also not suitable for those working with children and there is currently no option to run an accelerated DBS check of the U18’s Barred List.

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