What is Approved Additional Information?

March 28th, 2014 by Jonathan Bazely

As part of the checks undertaken with an Enhanced-Level DBS application, the DBS will ask the Local Police Forces (LPFs) if they hold any additional information relating to the applicant being checked. This query will be sent to all the LPFs which cover areas where the applicant has lived over the last 5 years, although each of these LPFs can pass the query to another LPF if they believe they may hold information.

This information may include details relating to an investigation which did not result in a conviction, reprimand, warning or a record on the Police National Computer. The Local Police Forces are provided with guidance relating to when to include such information (hence ‘approved’) and it’s relevance to the application in question. The ‘workforce’ information included with the application is used to assist with this decision.

Under the September 2012 changes, approved additional information does not now include ongoing investigations. The Police can use their Common Law powers to contact an employer if they feel they need to release such information.

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