Our Service Objectives

There are some basic principles that govern our approach to DBS Checks. We have outlined them here so you can see our high-quality approach to DBS Checks.

Application process ownership

As a service provider, DDC’s aim is to take on-board as much of the application process as possible, to provide the best possible service for our clients. Our systems are designed so that once the client has provided the applicant’s contact details, they need only be directly involved in the process if the applicant fails to respond (despite our reminders to them) or a Disclosure is received with content. If the applicant responds and the Disclosure is clear, the number and issue date will be displayed to the person initiating the check. This minimises the resources required from the client.

End-to-end process control

DDC’s systems create a unique applicant record when the application is requested. Progress is tracked from the initial request and there are over 50 possible events that are captured, dependent on the process preferences of the client. Each one is ‘stamped’ to confirm the exact second that a DDC representative, the client or the applicant undertakes the event.

From these a full audit trail is created, although only the key stages are displayed to the client as the “Current Status” of the application. This information is available for review by each client, in their password protected Client Area. This means the client remains fully aware of each application and the progress it is making prior to the return of the Disclosure details.