Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Checks

DBS Checks have really never been easier. How to obtain a check. Affordable solutions tailored to your exact needs saving time and resource. Learn more about how we can help.

Enhanced DBS checks

Basic DBS Checks

Read about what Basic Disclosures are, how Basic Disclosures work and how you can apply for Basic Disclosures on your staff.

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Online DBS Checks - Apply Now

Our comprehensive online system allows you to obtain or renew your Disclosure as fast and efficiently as possible, ensuring your staff are ready to work when needed.

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Standard DBS checks from Due Diligence Checking

Standard DBS Checks

Free Registration, set-up in minutes. Quick, easy and fully managed DBS application process for your Standard DBS checks.

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Enhanced DBS checks

Enhanced DBS Checks

Requesting your enhanced DBS checks has never been easier. You can be processing your DBS checks the same day with DDC’s free registration and set-up.

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Criminal Record Checks

Whether you are a large commercial organisation or a small charity group, we can tailor our service to meet your needs and lead you through the entire disclosure process. By carrying out Criminal Record Checks you are ensuring you can make the correct employment decision and protect the individuals in your care.

DDC’s flexible criminal record checking service allows you to manage and request any level of check you need from across the world. We don’t just stop at DBS checks, we offer Disclosure Scotland checks, Access NI and international criminal record checks

What is a criminal record check?

A criminal record check is, often referred to as a background check, is the process of examining an individuals criminal history and legal records to determine eligibility for employment. These checks are particularly used to determine the eligibility to these working in roles involving children and vulnerable adults.

There are different levels and types of criminal record checks depending on job roles and the county the check is being conducted in.

What types of criminal record checks are there?

Disclosure and Barring service Checks

DBS checks are available to individuals living/ working in England and Wales. There are three main levels of DBS check : basic, standard, enhance level checks – Learn more

Disclosure Scotland – PVG Checks

PVG checks are managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland and is aimed at assessing an individual’s suitability to work with vulnerable groups. Learn more

Access NI checks

Access NI provides criminal record checks for individuals living/ working in Northern Ireland. Similarly to a DBS check, access NI provides 3 main level of check: basic, standard and enhanced – Learn more

International Criminal record checks

DDC are also able to provide compliant international criminal record checks. These can be requested as stand alone checks or along side your DBS checks. The international criminal record checking process and cost will vary depending on the country of issue. Learn More

5 reasons to choose DDC

  1. Quick and free set-up – you can be processing your Criminal Record Checks the same day with DDC’s free registration and set-up.
  2. Support and advice – you will have access to DDC’s experienced Customer Service Team providing support advice for all your checks.
  3. Service to suit your needs – with bespoke packages and a flexible system, DDC can accommodate all sectors and organisations.
  4. Secure and reliable – DDC’s system and processes have obtained ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation promising you a secure and reliable service.
  5. Single management interface – manage all your checks with a single interface, using our dynamic Client Area.

If you should need any further reasons about why DDC, then please visit our Why Choose DDC? page to find out more about how we can assist your Criminal Record Checks and Disclosure needs. Or visit our Testimonials page to read what thousands of our clients have said about the services we have provided previously.

3 things DDC ensure

  1. Accuracy with every check – built in cross referencing and error checking systems ensure accuracy with every check.
  2. GDPR compliant – as a processor of personal data, DDC’s systems and processes adhere to GDPR and data protection legislation.
  3. User friendly platform – applicants complete an easy to use online ‘Smart Form’ making your on-boarding process quick and easy.

More about DDC

Due Diligence Checking Ltd is an Umbrella Body who are registered with Services such as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure Scotland and Access Northern Ireland. DDC as a DBS Umbrella Body has been operating since 2002 and have over 12,000 registered clients. We aim to provide a secure, accurate and high-quality service for all clients (current and new) who are wishing to simplify their process for organising and requesting Criminal Record Checks. DDC’s processes for our business and Disclosure applications are certified and compliant with the ISO 9001 quality management standards and the ISO 27001 information security management standards so our clients know they are getting a fully approved and legitimate result. Currently, we have submitted over 100,000 Disclosure and PVG membership applications each year. For more information about who Due Diligence Checking are you can visit our About Us page.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our Criminal Record Checks or anything further please contact the team on 0116 260 3055 | 0845 644 3298 or